Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meet Mitch!

Hello! Today I would like for you to meet Mitch!

This cutie boy will turn 10 in July! He has no mental delays and has mild cerebral palsy affecting his right side. Mitch can walk, and he very much wants to be adopted and have a family of his own.

This little guy captured my heart from the moment I saw his picture. First, I am always a sucker for the brown-eyed cuties! (My son has brown eyes!) Second, he is the same age as my son, who turned 10 this year. Third, my nephew's name is Mitchell (I know that Mitch is a pseudonym, but still ...). And lastly, one of my friends when I was young had cerebral palsy and a limp but still was able to play on my soccer team (and she was adopted, to boot!), so I have always been rooting for the kids with CP.

I wish that I had more information to share about Mitch, but not much information is given about him. I can guess, though, that he is like the many other older children residing in orphanages that I have met. He probably is reasonably content with where he lives, especially if it is all he has ever known. He probably enjoys playing with his friends and has a caregiver that he is especially close to. He probably doesn't spend too much time wondering about his future (he is only 9, after all). But he probably does think about what his family would be like if he had one; he probably does wish that he had a mom to tuck him in at night and come to him when he has a bad dream. Most likely, Mitch wants to know the love and security that kids feel only when they know they are truly home, that they belong to their parents and their parents belong to him. Even if Mitch has always lived in an orphanage, I'm betting that he knows, deep down, what he is missing. Humans are hard-wired to live in families, and even the best orphanage doesn't meet that need.

Mitch is a newly listed child, and he therefore only has $10 in his grant (can you guess who donated some of that money?). Jenny over at Zero the Zeros has him listed in the Baby Steps to $15 category. Mitch really needs a Zero the Zeros Hero to increase his grant. Can you be his hero?

Please share Mitch's photo and description. Please donate to increase his grant fund. Please consider whether Mitch has a spot in your family.

Thanks for visiting TWOB! Please keep our boys in your heart, your thoughts, and your prayers.

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