Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meanwhile, Back at TWOB Central ...

Welcome, friends. Here's a catch-up post. I haven't blogged in about three weeks but that doesn't mean that I have not been thinking about the children and working on their behalf.

First I would like to remind you that Forty Days to Forever is happening right now! FDTF is a fundraiser with a goal of raising $20,000 for forty orphans. There are 40 giveaway prizes and forty days worth of chances to help! Please don't forget that sweet Jason will be featured on Wednesday, March 6th. My awesome cousin donated nearly $100 worth of prizes for this giveaway.

Chain-maille bracelets

Tie-dye onesies and toddler t-shirt

I have also been fielding inquiries from people asking me about boys they have seen on my blog. About some of the children I know quite a bit and about others very little, but I am always happy to share what I know and direct people elsewhere for more information if I can. If you have any questions about the boys on my blog or just want to chat about adoption, raising kids with HIV and other special needs, homeschooling, or anything else that's on your mind, please feel free to contact me (you can email me through the Contact Me button on the right sidebar of my blog). (Disclaimer: if you are a troll, I will delete your inquiry without responding.)

I have also been busy gathering information about boys available for adoption who are not listed with Reece's Rainbow. I am planning a series of posts about these children in the near future. I have a heart for a certain country and a certain region of that country, and I would like to help shine a light into that area in the hope of alerting prospective families to the many precious children waiting there.

On the more personal side of things, the kids' hockey has been very busy recently. I must admit that every time I watch my son play, I am astounded. Here is a kid with a host of medical, developmental, and post-institutional issues who, frankly, becomes a prodigy on the ice. He has already been (unsuccessfully) scouted by two travel teams, both of which offered him spots on the team without even having to try out. To watch a child who struggles immensely with fine-motor coordination, who can barely write and who has only recently learned to buckle a belt, a child who still steals and hoards food, a child who continues to struggle with impulse control issues and the emotional impact of international adoption, who has endured several surgeries, ongoing medical treatment, and continuing speech and language issues, a child for whom no day in life ever comes easily ... to watch that child turn into a well-oiled machine who amazes anyone who watches him just by stepping onto the ice is one of the greatest rewards not just of adopting, and not just of being a parent, but of my entire life.


Something wonderful happened today! Years ago I made an online friend via a parenting website. We were in contact for quite some time, but then life got in the way, we both became busier, and we fell out of touch. Today I got a message from this friend, Kim, who saw me post on the Reece's Rainbow Facebook page. It turns out that Kim and her family are adopting not just one but TWO precious children listed on Reece's Rainbow: Nellie and Fredrick! If you are interested in reading about their journey, you can head on over to their blog. I'm so excited to find out this wonderful news. It really gave me a lift today!


And I've saved the best for last. I am thrilled to announce that I will be traveling to Ukraine this summer to volunteer for three weeks at Kalinovka, the institution depicted in the documentary Ukraine's Forgotten Children! The dates are picked, the tickets are purchased ... now I am just counting down the days until I am with the precious cutie pies who are in such great need of love. I will be there during my 39th birthday, and I honestly can't think of a more meaningful way to celebrate than to be with these children who are among the world's most forsaken.


Within the next several weeks I will be letting you know of some ways in which you can assist the children of Kalinovka. For now your continued thoughts and prayers for these precious blessings are appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your support of orphaned boys worldwide.

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