Monday, January 14, 2013

First Post of the New Year

Welcome back to TWOB! It's been a few weeks since I have blogged. We had family visiting over the holidays and the obligatory "everyone in the family get sick and pass it around to everyone else" January bug. But we're all on the mend and settling back into our 2013 routine of work, studying, and hockey!

As you may have noticed, I keep a running list on the side of my blog of the boys I have blogged about who have been found. I am happy to report that in the 8 months since I started my blog, TWENTY-SIX boys have been found! Some are home and some are still waiting for their families to bring them home, but all are blessed to have a ticket out of the orphanage or institution in which they resided.

Speaking of the kids still waiting for their families to arrive, if you have been following the news you are undoubtedly aware of the recently enacted ban on Americans adopting Russian kids. Today in Moscow there was a huge March Against Scoundrels staged by Russians who are asking their government to repeal the ban. I am very glad to see that the Russian people view their children as more than mere pawns in a political tit-for-tat.

Jack's family recently met Elliot while he was being hosted here in the States! Unfortunately, he was too far away for me to travel to meet him, but Jack's mom and dad got to spend an entire afternoon with Elliot at Chuck-E-Cheese! Head on over to 1000 Loving Jack to read about their experience! Elliot's grant is now at an astounding $5952! Several families have expressed interest in adopting Elliot, but as of yet I have not heard that he has a committed family. Please keep spreading the word about this amazing little boy!


I have been lucky enough to continue to receive pictures and video of sweet Jason. The caregivers at his institution have been trying to ensure that he has more time out of his crib, more time to explore his world, move around, interact, and benefit from stimulation. Unfortunately, Jason's grant is still disappointingly low at just $435. This beautiful boy, who perseveres against the odds and has such incredible spirit, desperately needs a family and the benefit love, medical care, therapy, and education. Please consider donating to increase Jason's grant. 

Thanks for visiting TWOB! I wish you happiness and health in the coming year!

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  1. I think little Edward, on your sidebar,was picked up by his parents just this week! Welcome home Edward!