Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Waiting Wednesday ... Times 3!

Welcome, friends! Thanks for coming back to see what's up at TWOB! I have a real treat for you today.

My blog focuses on special-needs boys ... mainly because my own boy has special needs (in fact, both of the children we adopted do), and I want to show the world that boys with special needs are precious, amazing beings who can enrich a family's life so much.

The boys I am sharing with you today do not have any special medical or developmental needs. They are what is referred to in the adoption world as "typical" kids. But they do, in fact, have several special needs. 

First, they are boys. The majority of adoptive families seek girls. Second, they are older. The definition of "older" varies, but generally, once a child (especially a boy) is over 2, that child is considered "older," and older children (especially older boys) wait the longest for a family. And lastly, there are three of them! That's right, a ready-made sibling group of three beautiful boys!

Please meet ...




Victor (Vitya) is turning 16 this year. He is running out of time for a family. He is a quiet boy who likes sports and watches out for his younger brothers.

Vladimir (Vova) turns 14 this year. Vova is a good student who has good communication skills and takes other people's opinions into account.

Mikhail (Misha) will be 7 this year. He is described as "lively, bold, and very sociable." Misha can make you smile!

These brothers are lucky enough to be living together in the same orphanage. But that may not last long. The boys live in Eastern Europe, and it is not uncommon where they live for children to "graduate" from the orphanage when they turn 16. If this happens to Vitya, he will find himself not only separated from the brothers he loves but also potentially with nowhere to go, nowhere to live, and no means to support himself.

My oldest child is a young adult. We still provide her with the love, care, and support that every young person needs as they launch into their adult life. Sixteen years old is too young to do this on your own. Sixteen year old boys still need mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to love them. Sixteen year old boys, and all boys, need families. No one outgrows the need for a family, ever.

Vitya, Vova, and Misha have three strikes against them. Their time to be adopted together and continue to live as brothers is growing short. Are these boys your boys? Can you share their information in hopes that their family will see it?

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your support of orphaned boys worldwide.

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