Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Sharin' Darren Giveaway!

Welcome, friends! Today I would like to alert you to an opportunity to help a little boy in great need as well as possibly win a great prize!

Darren is a little boy who is just five years old. He has lived in a baby house where he has been taken care of well, but because he turned five, his time was up. It was time for transfer to an institution.

Because several people who had met Darren cared a lot about him, they director of the baby house was persuaded to allow Darren to remain for another six months. The clock is ticking. He now has just over five months to remain in the baby house before he is sent away.

Darren is "significantly delayed" in his cognitive and physical development. However, TeamWorks Ukraine, a group of physical, speech, and occupational therapists, has visited Darren's orphanage and worked with him. One of the therapists reports:

This little boy was one of the first children I held in my arms on my first TEAMWorks trip to Ukraine in 2010. Since then, we have watched him grow and change, and become stronger, take steps in a walker, sit contentedly in a chair, reach for toys, and make sounds.

Darren has great potential for progress!

Another therapist who is also an adoptive parent has this to say about Darren:

He is gentle with others. When he is upset or overwhelmed, he often does 'self-stim' movements such as hand writhing or vocalizations. He listens and follows very basic directions from his caregivers. I have also observed him to be content to sit still and people watch as well as engage in quiet, exploratory play on their small jungle gym. He walks with just a little bit of help.

I have noted a developmental delay in all areas which is a natural occurrence with a child who has either congenital or environmental trauma to his central nervous system and has been institutionalized.

Darren is affectionate. He would love to have a mother and a father. I'm sure he would also adore any siblings from what I saw of his interaction with others in his room.

As you can see from this picture, Darren is both affectionate and compassionate. He used the rails of the playpen to help him walk over to this child and gently pat her head and stroke her back.

But Darren's time is running out. He needs a family to come for him before he is transferred. He needs a family to come for him before he winds up in a place where his potential for a loving, happy life is forever blighted.

And that is where the Sharin' Darren Giveaway comes in! A Facebook page has been created in hopes of bringing attention to this small boy whose need is so great. In order to qualify to win the $100 prepaid MasterCard, you need to do one or more of the following:

~Share this page, Darren's Reece's Rainbow profile (http://reecesrainbow.org/439/darren405) or someone else's blog post about him via social media and comment here to receive one entry
~Blog about Darren yourself and comment here and receive 5 entries
~Be creative and find some other way to share Darren's story, comment here and receive a number of entries TBD based on the uniqueness and ambition of your efforts. 

Begins: Monday, January 28th 
Ends: Thursday, February 28th.

A winner will be chosen using Random.org on Friday, March 1st.

That's it! It's completely free to enter, and your efforts will help Darren so much!

Please don't forget about this little boy who is truly living on borrowed time!

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your support of orphaned boys worldwide.

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