Thursday, November 22, 2012

22 for the 22nd

Today, more than any of my other blessings, I am thankful for these precious boys who have blessed the world with their presence. They are 22 points of light in an oft dark world. They are 22 inspirations. They are 22 children who make the world a better place.

And mine ...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving at Kalinovka!

The super-amazing Wonder Woman who is known by day as Maya from Maya's Hope has made it to Kalinovka!

She gave the gifts from my daughter and me to my little love, took pictures and video, and reported back to me on how he is doing.

I have to say it made. my. day. Knowing that my boy had a bright spot in his day, knowing that he mattered to someone today, knowing that my gifts brought him some respite from his self-harming, knowing that he received some love and some hugs and that someone noticed him today, knowing that he is relatively healthy ... that's what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. I have a beautiful family. I have a loving and supportive husband. I have a safe and comfortable house. I have a job I enjoy. Of course I am thankful for all of these things, but right now what I am most thankful for is that I have been able to make a difference, regardless of how small, in the life of one forgotten boy who languishes in a crib 5,250 miles away. I am thankful that my sweet boy exists in this world and makes it a better place just by being in it. I am thankful that his world grew bigger today. I am thankful that Maya has allowed me into her family and into her hope for the children of Kalinovka. I am thankful that she has dedicated her life, tirelessly and unselfishly, to the children who need her most. My heart is full today.

Maya's Hope has reached 50% of their goal for the video project fundraiser. There is still time for you to help out! The goal of the fundraiser is $2500, but Maya said today that any funds raised in excess of that amount will go to providing a Thanksgiving dinner to the children who reside in Kalinovka's family-style Happy Home.

Can you spare a little bit so that the children of Kalinovka can enjoy Thanksgiving with a hero who is walking among them right now?

Thanks for stopping by, and may your holiday be filled with blessings!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Beautiful Children of Kalinovka

In just two days, Maya from Maya's Hope leaves to bring love, squishy hugs, and supplies to the beautiful children of Kalinovka. Don't forget that you can help fund the video project she will be undertaking so that she can bring these children, their lives, and their need to the wider world. They are currently at 24% of their goal.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy week from our family to yours!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You Can Help The Children of Kalinovka!

Hello, friends! Today I would like to tell you about a very special trip and a very special project and some very special people.

I have talked before about Maya's Hope, a wonderful charity that is dedicated to helping needy children in Ukraine and the Philippines.

After visiting the Kalinovka orphanage (the same orphanage that is profiled in Ukraine's Forgotten Children) in 2011, Maya knew that she needed to act to help these children. She responded by creating a caregiver program that currently funds three caregivers to work with and love the children at Kalinovka. She also has a formula sponsorship program to provide specialized formula for some of the sickest and most malnourished children. She also sends additional supplies as needed. Maya, her organization, and the dedicated sponsors are doing great things for Kalinovka!

And now it's time for Maya to go back. She has missed her children over the last year, and she will be leaving in slightly less than two weeks to visit Kalinovka again.

This time, she is planning a very special project. I'll let Maya tell you about it.

Maya plans to produce a video about the most forgotten children of Kalinovka, an already-forgotten place full of already-forgotten children. But the bedfast children, the children in the "laying rooms," are the ones who are almost never seen. Little is known about their lives. They are the children whose stories most need to be told.

And you can help Maya fund this venture! You can visit CrowdRise to donate for this project. 

This trip and this project are very personally meaningful to me for two reasons. One is that, when Maya travels to Kalinovka, she will be taking with her a gift for one of my boys. In fact, she will be taking two gifts. My daughter outgrew a sweatshirt she loved, and she knew that Maya was taking warm clothing to the children of Kalinovka, so she asked to send her sweatshirt along with my gift. 

Also, my boy is one of the bedfast kids whom Maya will be filming. His face, his life, and his story will become visible to many who have never before known the plight of these children.  

(You may notice that I haven't shown a photo of my boy. That's because I am not allowed to publicly identify where he lives.)

Maya leaves in less than two weeks. Her fundraising goal is $2,500. Please help the children of Kalinovka! They are truly some of the most forgotten, and most wonderful, children.