Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fundraising Updates

Hello, and thanks for visiting! Today I would like to update you on the status of fundraising for my boys.

Jack's birthday fundraiser is still going on. For a mere $5, you can submit a photo of you, your children, or your pet holding a sign that says "I (or We) Helped Bring Jack Home!" The goal of this month's fundraiser, which coincides with Jack's birthday, is $280, which will pay for Jack's visa and passport. I'm very excited about this fundraiser, because the finished product will be a video collage for Jack of all the people who loved him from afar and helped him get to his family! So far we have raised $225. We have many slots left in the video, so please make a donation and send in your photo!

Elliot's matching grant was a success! When Elliot was listed on Reece's Rainbow one week ago today (!), his grant fund had $0 in it. The host of the amazing blog Zero the Zeros keeps a running list of all the children on Reece's Rainbow who are older than 6 and have zero in the grants. She has rolling goals to help each child get $50 and then $100 in his or her grant. Both she and I wanted to keep Elliot off the Zeros list forever, so we offered a $50 matching grant for Elliot. Not only was it met, but it was exceeded in just two days! Elliot's grant now stands at $153. Small, yes, but NOT ZERO! Elliot also has some money in the Project Hopeful grant fund I set up for him. I will keep plugging away to get this sweet boy a large grant and a home! By the way, I encourage you to stop by Zero the Zeros and become a Zero Hero. Zero the Zeros is the most unique and effective blog concept I have ever seen, and the host works tirelessly for her kids! Jason was my Hero kid, and now that he's over the $100 wall I will be picking a new child to be a Hero for.

Jason. Sweet Jason. I couldn't fall asleep last night for worrying about him. This little guy is in such need of love and therapy and a family. It chills me to think what his life will be like if we don't get him out of the institution. Unfortunately, even with my shouting for him, Jason is frequently overlooked. His grant fund is small ($151.70), and I seem to be the only one putting money in it on a regular basis. I'm trying to think of ideas to get Jason's face in front of more people. Surely a larger grant fund would mean a greater likelihood of Jason being adopted. Two children from his institution have already been adopted this year!


Several more children from the institution are available for adoption. Nothing would thrill me more than for Jason to get a family.

You may remember that I have a standing offer of a $5 Amazon gift card for any donation of $10 or more to Jason's grant fund. Unfortunately, no one has taken me up on that offer. So here is my challenge: If five people donate just $10 each to Jason's fund, he will be over $200. I would LOVE to give away five $5 Amazon gift cards by Halloween. So please, donate to Jason's fund and then send me an email through the Contact Me button on the right sidebar of my blog, or comment here, and I will happily send you your $5 gift card!

Stay tuned to TWOB for more updates on Kalinovka and Elliot as well as many other boys who need your help. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your support of orphaned boys worldwide.


  1. $50 for Jason in. Keep the gift cards you'll need them to keep incentivising the public (yes it's a word - i just made it one) :)