Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Miracle: Alexandra and Niceta

Hello, friends. I am back from a mini-hiatus from the blogging. Since we started our new school several weeks ago, we have been tweaking the schedule and getting used to the new routine. Officially we school year-round, but the summer is a lighter schedule.

In addition, the younger children and I have begun the Couch to 5K running plan. Now, let me make myself clear: I hate running. More than hating running, I hate to sweat. More than hating to sweat, I hate the tingly, prickly feeling in my gums when I get out of breath. I really just hate to exercise.

I do play hockey periodically, but that's not frequent enough to be of any real cardiovascular or other exercise-related benefit. But I didn't start the Couch to 5K for me; I started it for my son. He's a great kid with boundless energy and a need for a goal. I figured running was: something we could do together, something he could do both during hockey and in the off-season, and something that would burn up a lot of that incessant energy. We have completed one of the nine weeks, and my daughter even (reluctantly) agreed to join us. I'm proud of us all for tackling something new.

Today I would like to introduce you to Alexandra and Niceta. This is a sibling group that cannot be separated. Niceta is a child who is running out of time. He was born in 1997, which makes him 15 years old this year. Niceta is described as flexible and friendly. I hope to have a better picture of Niceta soon. Alexandra was born in 2008. This cheerful little girl is described as very positive and sociable and a favorite of all. Both Alexandra and Niceta are healthy, but because of the large age difference between these siblings, and the fact that Niceta is an older boy, these children still wait in an orphanage. Orphanage workers have stated that Niceta is a good and positive boy and that "a family who adopts him will not have any problems."

While it is good that the region these children live in won't separate them, it also increases the chance that they will never be adopted. It is my opinion that children who have established relationships with their siblings should not be separated if at all possible. One of my children left siblings (that we didn't know about and who are unavailable for adoption) behind when adopted. It has been very hard for this child and is not something that I would knowingly put a child through. Alexandra and Niceta will need a family open to a wide range of ages, both genders, and a sibling group. This, unfortunately, dramatically reduces the number of potential families for them. But just like all other children, Alexandra and Niceta deserve a family.

Alexandra and Niceta are not listed on Reece's Rainbow. If you are interested in adopting them, or know someone who is, please email me via the Contact Me button on the right sidebar of my blog. I can put you in contact with someone who can assist you. Please share Alexandra and Niceta's photos and information as widely as you can. We can work together to make sure these children don't linger in an orphanage any longer!

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