Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Heard Some Good News

Do you remember this face?

I hope so, because it is my goal to make sure you don't forget him.

You can see him in the upper right sidebar of my blog, along with a link to the Project Hopeful grant fund I set up for him.

Look at his sweet face!

This boy needs a family!

I heard some good news today about Denis. Back in June, Denis and his groupa had a graduation ceremony at their orphanage. I have seen video of it, and Denis looks so serious and nervous as he crosses the courtyard, holding a bouquet of flowers, to receive his graduation medal. I was told that, in August, Denis and his groupa would be transferred from the well-run, clean, caring children's home he has lived in for about 5 years to an internat, a boarding school. If you are regular readers of my blog, you know that the term "boarding school" does not refer to the cushy college-prep academy Americans think of when they hear the words "boarding school." In Eastern Europe, internats are usually poorly funded and lacking, and oftentimes the older children victimize the younger ones. I was very scared for Denis when I heard that this lovely child, just 10 years old and very sensitive, would be sent to one of these places.

This morning I heard that Denis has not, in fact, been transferred, and all indications are that he will remain at the children's home where he's been living for the foreseeable future. This is excellent because it means that not only will Denis continue to live in an environment that is familiar and stable to him, with caregivers he knows and trusts, he will also have continued access to good medical care AND he will be more visible to adoptive parents as the come to the orphanage to adopt (often younger) children.

In the life of an orphan, victories like this, which often come completely by chance, are important victories. Denis has been given a reprieve.

But he still waits for a family. Despite the glowing reports of several families who have met him, love him, and highly recommend him as a son, Denis is still waiting. Denis needs your help.

I'm asking for you, the readers of TWOB, to please share Denis in any way you can. If you have a blog, please post about him. You can write your own post or use one of mine (if you do this, please credit me or link to my blog). If you have a Facebook page, please share Denis' picture and a link to my original post about Denis. Ask all your friends to share him, too. Share Denis' photo and story with your homeschool group, your kids' soccer team, your religious congregation ... anywhere you can. As a friend of mine, who shared Denis' photo at my request, wrote, you never know who is considering adoption. You never know who will see Denis' face at the right time and find their son.

Denis can't advocate for himself. He needs us to do it for him. Please don't forget Denis. I never will.

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