Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Ross + Ukraine's Forgotten Children

First I would like to remind you of the August fundraiser for Jack going on over at his parents' blog. Please help Jack's family bring home this very special little boy!

Next, I would like to direct your attention to a documentary that was just released this summer about the plight of disabled orphans in Ukraine. The woman who produced this documentary also produced Bulgaria's Abandoned Children, which I have referenced previously on this blog.

Kate Blewett, who produced Ukraine's Forgotten Children, spent time at an orphanage in Ukraine that houses mentally and physically disabled children. She chronicles the lives of several children who live there as well as the efforts of the institution's director to procure care for his children and save them from the fate of transfer to an adult mental institution, where they will live out their days as wards of the state, deemed "incapacitated" by the government and stripped of nearly all their civil rights.

When you watch this documentary, which is about 90 minutes long, you will see many of the things that I have described on this blog that pertain to the lives of institutionalized children in Eastern Europe. You will see several children who are or have been listed on Reece's Rainbow, such as this child, who is now being adopted by an Ohio family. And you will see why it is so vital to get these kids out of places like that.

This is Ross. I have introduced you to him before. I bring him before you again for two reasons. One is because I was asked to by someone who cares very much about Ross. The second is because Ross is an example of a child like those in Ukraine's Forgotten Children. Ross has a seizure disorder and, possibly, a mental disorder/delay. It is likely that he has already been transferred from the children's orphanage to a mental institution. If Ross is not adopted, his fate will be exactly what is described in Ukraine's Forgotten Children. He will exist in a mental institution with no rights and no real life. Ross does not deserve this.

Please watch the documentary. Please remember Ross and all the other disabled orphans of the world. Please consider how you can help them. Ross currently has $101.00 in his adoption grant fund. Can you help to increase that amount? Can you be his Guardian Angel and advocate for him? Could Ross be your son?

Stayed tuned to TWOB. I will be bringing you more information about the facility documented in Ukraine's Forgotten Children and the children who reside there. I will also introduce you to some people and organizations who are working hard to improve the lives of the children in that facility. When Kate Blewett produced Bulgaria's Abandoned Children, the public outcry was so great that the facility was eventually shut down. I don't believe that the facility in Ukraine's Forgotten Children needs to be shut down; the director there cares about his children and is making positive changes. He just needs money. If public concern can shut down a failed facility, it can also rescue an improving one. We are not powerless. We can change the lives of the forgotten children!

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your support of orphaned boys worldwide!

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