Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Neville

Hello and welcome! I have two reminders for you on this Thankful Thursday.

The first is that, through the end of August, there is a fundraiser going on for Jack over at 1,000 Loving Jack! There are some nice prices, and every donation gets Jack that much closer to coming home!

Also, don't forget about Oliver's matching grant. Through August 19th he has the opportunity to receive an additional $2,000 dollars in his grant fund! As of right now he is only $518.10 away from receiving a fully-matched grant! Please help this little boy who spends the majority of his life in a crib!

And now on to what I am thankful for today. As I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I spent all of last week repainting and redecorating the kids' room while they were at camp. We transformed it from the crib-set bedroom one child was passionately attached to into a Pittsburgh Penguins theme. It looks great, and the kids love it! I am thankful for my son's gratitude, as he has told me over a dozen times how much he loves it and has thanked me profusely. It's very sweet to see how excited he is. It's also very cute to watch him carefully make his new bed, which has Pittsburgh Penguins sheets and comforter. He used to just randomly throw some sheets and blankets on the bed and call it done.Now he spends several minutes smoothing the sheet, artfully arranging the pillow, and turning back the top of the comforter. 

Here he is several minutes after arriving home from camp and seeing his new room.

This little guy is Neville. He will turn 3 in December. Neville has hydrocephalus, and although he has had two surgeries, it has not been corrected. Neville is not getting the proper medical care and as a result is physically delayed. Neville was born a twin, but his family opted to bring home only the healthy child. Poor Neville was left behind.

Neville needs a family who can meet not only his immediate physical needs but also his long-term developmental and emotional needs. Neville needs a family who can shower him with love and attention and affection and make him feel like the special, wonderful little boy he is. Neville needs a family who will decorate his room with love, just for him, a family that will sing to him and play with him in the bathtub and, when he is older, send him to camp for a week of fun with his friends.

The region Neville lives in requires three trips to complete the adoption, which costs between $35- and $40,000. Married couples and single mothers may apply, and there are no family-size restrictions.

Please consider donating to increase Neville's grant fund, which stands at $700.14. Please share his information, and please consider whether Neville has a place in your family.

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