Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Miracle: Vlad

Hello, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on Sunday, and we took a trip to a nearby city to visit a friend who was in town from far away. This is our annual tradition, and it was fun to get to hang out with him and enjoy ourselves. My dad came to stay with the kids, and they had a great time with him.

I have great news to report today! Oliver's matching grant was met! With the addition of the $2,000 matching grant, which is on its way to Reece's Rainbow, Oliver will have a total of $7,574.20 in his grant fund. This is one-fourth of his adoption expenses! Now we just need to find him a family!

I'd also like to remind you that voting for additional children for the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree is underway. The Angel Tree's goal is to raise $1,000 for each child on the Angel Tree from November 1st to December 31st. Last year, a total of $343,568 was raised for children's adoption grant funds. Voting this week is for girls with Down syndrome ages 10+.

Also, please don't forget about Jack's August fundraiser, going on at his parents' blog. The goal is to raise $5,000 for Jack this month!

And today I would like to introduce you to Vlad. Vlad will turn 13 years old in September. Vlad is described as very healthy and with "the most striking green eyes." He is also described as a super boy. Can't get much better than super, eh? Vlad speaks English well and can read children's stories in English without the use of a dictionary. Vlad is communicative and optimistic and also very supportive of his friends as well as polite and obedient. Vlad "dreams of obtaining a family." Vlad is HIV+.

Unfortunately for Vlad, every day he is edging closer to the day at which he will, if not adopted, be dismissed from the orphanage. His life's prospects are not good if this happens. Suicide, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and depression are typical issues for children who have aged out of orphanages and find themselves alone, with no support, in a country that still stigmatizes orphans. Add to that his HIV status and Vlad faces a very difficult struggle to make something of his life.

I am here to tell you that older, HIV+ children CAN have a life if adopted. For those of you who have not read about it before, our child, who is HIV+ and was adopted at age 11, is now entering senior year in high school. This child has already secured a full scholarship for the freshman year of college and is very successful at a first job. I won't pretend that we didn't have adjustment issues and some hard times, but my child, who had next to zero chance for a normal life if not adopted, is now planning to pursue a Master's degree.


These are children just like your own children, children who just need someone to give them the chance to reach their full potential. They need someone who recognizes that "older children" are still children, children who still (and always will) need a family. No one outgrows the need for a loving family, ever.

Vlad currently has $103.30 in his adoption grant fund. Please donate to increase his fund, and please share Vlad's photo and information. Also, please consider becoming Vlad's Guardian Angel and whether Vlad has a place in your home. 

Stop by my post about about Nolan, an 8 year old who still waits.

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  1. Hi- about Vlad. We had wanted to have Vlad as our FIG child through Project Hopeful and heard that he was actually living with a grandfather. I was told that they weren't sure why he's still listed on RR, but though it would be good to let you know in case you wanted to check into it.
    This was 3 months ago, so perhaps things changed. He is a real cutie.