Friday, August 17, 2012

Forever Friday: Weston (+ Denis and Pat Robertson)

Good morning! Today I would like to show you several videos. The first is of my darling boy Denis, who waits for a family in Eastern Europe. I have found out that, unfortunately, this month Denis is being transferred from a children's home where he is well-treated and given good medical care to an internat (boarding school) for older children where he will not receive medical care appropriate to his health needs. And don't let the term "boarding school" fool you; this is no cushy New England rich kids' school. State-funded internats in Eastern Europe vary in quality but many are very poor; the education they provide is not good, and the older children frequently victimize the younger children. It breaks my heart that my sweet boy will be in one of these places.

Additionally, being moved from a children's home decreases his visibility to adoptive parents. We all know that most adoptive parents adopt younger kids; we also know that parents will return to adopt a child they fell in love with during their first adoption (in fact, that is exactly how our second adoption unfolded). But few people adopt older kids from internats. This means fewer people will meet Denis.

I have recently been in contact with another adoptive parent who knows Denis very well. She described him as "the sweetest boy EVER" and said that he likes to play soccer and use cameras. She also said that he was very clever.

In this video, the children in Denis' orphanage are gathered to say goodbye to a child who is leaving with her adoptive parents. Denis and the girl are close friends, and you can see how emotional sweet Denis gets.

I cried my eyes out after watching this video and several others I was able to see. I love this boy. He desperately needs a home and a family. Please, if you or anyone you know might be interested in adopting Denis, email me through the Contact Me button on the right sidebar of my blog. I can give you additional pictures of Denis, possibly more video, and the contact information of someone who has committed to assisting in Denis' adoption. Don't forget that Denis has a FIG account set up through Project Hopeful. Please consider donating, which you can through the link in the top right sidebar of my blog. Project Hopeful is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, and all donations are tax-deductible.

The next video I'd like for you to watch is of Pat Robertson's view on orphans who may have been sexually abused or malnourished. Watch his compassion just shine forth ... *sigh*

That's right, Pat ... orphans are not your problem, especially not the weird ones. Let's hear it for Pat Robertson, who encourages people to turn their backs on the world's most vulnerable children because we shouldn't take on other people's problems.

And now I'll put my snark aside and introduce you to our Friday treasure, who waits for his forever family to find him.

This little cutie is Weston. Weston will turn 3 years old in October. Weston has been diagnosed with retinopathy, retinal vascular deconditioning, and atrial septal defect. He was prenatally exposed to HIV but it is unclear at this time whether he carries the virus.

Additional pictures of Weston are available. He lives in a region that requires three trips to complete the adoption.Totals fees are approximately $35,000. Multiple unrelated children can be adopted together, and single mothers may apply.

Can't you see Weston riding his tricycle down your sidewalk? Or splashing into the pool in his water wings? Or climbing on your lap with his well-worn favorite book for a story time? Weston deserves the chance to grow and thrive in a loving family and not be relegated to life in an institution.

Little Weston has only $1 in his adoption grant fund. Please donate to increase his grant fund, share his photo and information, and consider whether Weston has a place in your family.

Please also visit my previous post about Sergey, who still waits for a family.


  1. Thanks for sharing the video! Poor little Dennis! I hope his family finds him!

    I know you have a long list of boys to feature, but I just saw Franklin on the "Newly Listed" page and thought I'd share him with you in case you can find time to feature him too! - He has such MINOR special needs but he has been moved back and forth so much - from home to an orphanage, back home, back to an orphanage and finely to a group home - he sure needs a FOREVER family and seemed like a boy you'd love to feature!

  2. Weston recently caught my eye (and my heart) on Reece's Rainbow. I was looking for more info about him and found your blog. Do you have any other info regarding him? Do you have additional photos of him?