Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Matching Grant for Oliver!

Hello, friends! The children are all at camp this week, so my husband and I are busy redecorating the two youngest children's room. Our daughter has been very attached to the decorating scheme she's had since babyhood, but we finally put our feet down and said that our nearly pre-teens would no longer live in a crib-set bedroom! As both children play hockey and are fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins, we have chosen white, black, and Penguins gold as the color scheme, and one entire wall will be black chalkboard paint so our little artists can express themselves to their hearts' content!

I'd like to remind of you of the fundraiser going on over at 1000 Loving Jack, the blog of Jack's family. There are some wonderful prizes available and all funds are tax-deductible and will go toward adoption expenses.

And here is another opportunity I would like to call your attention to. 

Oliver is five years old and was born with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. Unfortunately for Oliver, he is severely neglected in the orphanage where he resides. According to a family who visited the orphanage, Oliver is never picked up or held, not even to be fed. The nannies simply lean over the side of the crib to give him a bottle. He is never moved from the position he is in, and he is often kept covered with a blanket so that no one has to see him. You read that right. A five year old little boy ... you know how much energy and enthusiasm five year old boys have! And this one, this dear five year old, Oliver, truly never leaves his crib. His life is devoid of even the most basic affection, attention, and stimulation.

There is a bright spot for Oliver, though. He was listed on Reece's Rainbow, where he was seen by a lovely woman who was determined to help him. Through her efforts, a family living with achondroplasia discovered Oliver and decided to help him. This family is currently offering a $2000 matching grant for Oliver! That's right, every dollar you donate to Oliver's grant fund between now and August 19th becomes two dollars! When the matching grant was offered, Oliver's grant stood at $3546.80. If his grant can be raised to $5546.80, he will receive an additional $2000, for a grand total of $7546.80! This is an incredible 1/4 of his adoption expenses!

As is the case with all the boys for whom I advocate, Oliver deserves better, much, much better, than the life he currently leads. No child should be so neglected, feared, and misunderstood that he is actually hidden away underneath a blanket so that no one has to see him. Oliver deserves love and happiness and all the opportunities that would allow him to fulfill his potential. Oliver deserves hugs and kisses and storytime and rocking with his mom in a rocking chair. Oliver desperately needs your help. He is on the verge of being transferred to an adult mental institution, at which point he will lose all hope of any life beyond existing in a crib.

Please donate to increase Oliver's grant fund! His family is out there, and removing or decreasing the financial barrier to adoption will help his family find him! Please share Oliver's information far and wide, and please consider whether Oliver could be your son!


  1. Daneille, thank you for loving Oliver and making his escape from the crib that much more likely!!

  2. You're welcome, Leila! My heart is always with these older boys.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! You are so wonderful and I will be praying hard for Jack as well.