Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Oliver

Spare Some Change to Change Jack's Life, yo!

No good deed goes unpunished. On the way home from work last night, I saw my friends' runaway cat cruising the neighborhood. I cajoled him into coming to me, scooped him up, and tried to carry him home. Nothin' doin'. He left me with this little souvenir of our time together. My ten year old saved the day. She came out of the house in her robe (it was after 11!), called to Mr. Isaac Newton Kitty, scooped him up, and took him home. Our friends were very happy. Isaac, not so much. His adventuring was cut short. I know this has nothing to do with adoption or boys. I just wanted to whine about my arm. 

This sweet little peanut is Oliver. He is five years old and has lived his entire life in a crib. He was born with achondroplasia. He has some other medical issues, as well. Oliver is facing transfer to an institution, and if he is transferred, he will lose all hope of a life not spent in a crib.

Oliver deserves more than this. Oliver deserves to feel the sun on his face and the breeze on his skin. He deserves warm baths from loving parents, smiles and laughter and cuddles and hugs, trips to the grocery and the playground and the movies. Oliver deserves to be educated and receive therapy. Oliver deserves a life, not an existence.

Oliver current has $3500.80 in his adoption grant fund. He has a Guardian Angel who is very concerned for his welfare. You can help Oliver by donating to increase his grant fund, sharing his photo and information, and considering whether Oliver has a place in your family. Oliver is truly in desperate need of a family to save him.

Kinda renders my sniveling about my arm scratches pathetic ...

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