Friday, July 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Noah and Forever Friday: Kurt

Hello to TWOB community! I hope that your Spare Change jars are filling up!

Just a heads up: Jack now has a FIG account through Project Hopeful. (What is a FIG account? Read about it here.) Like Reece's Rainbow, Project Hopeful is a 501c registered charity that advocates and raises funds for special needs adoption. Project Hopeful recently won a $50,000 grant from Cultivate Wines!

Today I will introduce you to two beautiful waiting boys.

First, though, I will continue my Thursday tradition of talking about something I am thankful for in my life with my wonderful boy. We have a passel of animals around our house, and I am thankful that my sweet boy treats them with such kindness and compassion. He regularly walks the dogs, and he likes to take the bunnies out for exercise, and he lavishes his cat, Farrah, with attention. He has such a deep bond with all the non-human creatures in our home!

This is Noah. Noah will turn 6 in December. This blue-eyed cutie has CP and is said to be significantly cognitively delayed. He loves to be held and loves to receive attention and affection. 

Noah is a child whose potential is stifled by living in an orphanage but who could blossom and exceed all expectations if he were living in a family, with the love, stimulation, support, and therapy he needs. I have heard over and over again stories of children with significant reported disabilities who made unheard-of progress after adoption. It is not uncommon for children to be significantly delayed simply because they live in an orphanage and aren't receiving the things children need to thrive.

Noah currently has $280.00 in his adoption grant fund. He needs a Guardian Angel to raise funds for him and advocate to find him a family. You can help Noah by donating to increase his grant fund, sharing his information, and considering whether he has a place in your family. You can also help him by becoming his Guardian Angel. Noah deserves the chance to meet his full potential!

This little guy is Kurt. He will turn five in September. I have blogged about him before, but he still waits for a family. There are some additional pictures of Kurt! 

As you can see, even though he has CP, Kurt can stand and walk on his own. In fact, it looks like he can run!

Kurt is described as a "delightful boy!" Now who can resist adding a delightful, handsome boy to their family?

Kurt needs a family to love him, to take him swimming and bowling and mini-golfing. Kurt needs to opportunity to stay up late with his siblings, snacking on junk food and watching a movie. Kurt deserves to benefit from the best education and therapy available. And Kurt deserves to be loved. 

Kurt only has $61 in his adoption grant fund. You can help Kurt by donating to increase his grant fund, sharing his information, and considering whether he has a place in your family.

Please also check out my previous post about Igor and and Andrew, two little boys who still wait.

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