Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Brett

Hello, friends! I hope everyone had a nice holiday! We spent ours at a pool party with friends who are adopting a little boy they found on Reece's Rainbow! Cake and slushies and sparklers were had by all!

As the second month of my blogging wraps up, the good news just continues to roll in. First, in case you missed it, JACK HAS A FAMILY!! Also, three more boys I have featured on my blog have been found or entered foster care (plus an additional boy who was slated to be blogged about but whose family found him before I could write about him!). Our June Fundraiser for Jack was a resounding success, not only meeting but also exceeding our goal. And Jack's fund continues to grow as people who understand that now, more than ever, Jack needs our help continue to give generously so that this little boy can make it to his forever family. And finally, our matching grant challenge for Marcus that was issued on Monday was met in just three short days! Marcus now has more than $3500 in his grant! We still have seven $5 Amazon gift cards available for a donation of $10 or more to Marcus' grant fund.

We have some ongoing fundraising opportunities available. You will always be able to see our current fundraisers by checking the left sidebar of the blog. I have some ideas for some fun upcoming fundraisers, too. Although Jack has a committed family, the financial hurdles are still steep, and I will continue my efforts on his behalf until he is home safe with his family!

Jack's mom has stated that she will soon begin a blog about their adoption journey. As soon as she does, I will link to it here so that you can follow along with them.

And now, on to my Thankful Thursday ritual of talking about what I am thankful for in living with my wonderful boy. Today I am thankful for my son's loving spirit. On a recent (long) car trip to a (very long) doctor visit, my son and his sister were making life miserable for me with their bickering. I spoke sharply about it to them, and we continued our ride in silence. After we reached the doctor's office, my son asked the nurse for some paper and wrote me an apology card, complete with hearts, flowers, and "I love you Mom." What a sweet little guy he is! 

I'm also, on this Thursday, thankful for Brett. Brett will turn 11 in August (in fact, he shares a birthday with my husband!). This picture was taken when Brett was 7. Brett has Down syndrome and Alopecia areata, a condition which causes patches of hair loss. Poor Brett has had a hard time since his very first moments of life. His mother, who gave birth to him in the open countryside, abandoned him in a field. Luckily he was found and taken to the hospital, where doctors saved his life even though his condition was very poor.

Not surprisingly, Brett's development is severely lagging. A little boy, unwanted from the first minute he was born, raised in an orphanage, struggling to get what children need: love, attention, stimulation. But look at his eyes. You can see the spark of life and love in them. You can see the potential. Brett desperately needs a family to give him all their love and care and help him catch up developmentally. Brett needs the security of a family who will show him what it means to be wanted, what it means to have all their energy focused on helping him become who he is meant to be.

Brett is available for adoption to single moms, older parents, and large families as well as younger couples and small families. Multiple children can be adopted together, the cost is relatively low, and travel requirements are fairly easy.

Brett currently has $112.70 in his grant fund. You can help Brett by donating to increase his grant, sharing his photo and information, and considering whether Brett has a place in your family. Please consider this child, who has been waiting for a family since he took his very first breath.

Also, please revisit my post about William, a seven year old who is still waiting.

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