Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: R.J. and Waiting Wednesday: Quinton

First: Steven's family found him!!

Second: Don't forget our July fundraiser, Spare Some Change to Change Jack's Life! We have a lot of Spare Changers helping out! Throw your change in with us!

Third: Teamwork Tuesday is a communal effort by many bloggers to bring attention to a specific child every Tuesday. All Teamwork Tuesday bloggers advocate for the same child on Tuesdays in hopes that increased exposure for that child will help in finding a family.

This is R.J. This handsome little guy turns four in December, and he is facing transfer. R.J. has Down syndrome but no other reported health issues. There isn't a lot of information available about R.J., but it is known that he is available for adoption to older parents as well as younger and single mothers as well as married couples. R.J.'s region requires three trips to complete the adoption. There is a limit of five young children in the household, or seven children if some of the children are older/teenagers. Total adoption fees are approximately $35-40,000.

Because little is known about R.J., he does not have an adoption grant. If a family commits to him, however, they can set up an FSP and raise funds for his adoption. You can help R.J. by sharing his photo and information and considering whether he has a place in your family.

This cutie is Quinton. Quinton is not listed on Reece's Rainbow but was met by a family who traveled to his orphanage to adopt their son. Quinton has Down syndrome but is otherwise healthy. If you are interested in making Quinton your son, I can direct you to someone who has additional photos and video of him and can point you in the right direction to get the adoption started. 

Please also revisit my post about Darryl, a five year old who still waits for his family.

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