Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Brent

Hello, friends! I would like to remind you of the Spare Some Change to Change Jack's Life fundraiser that is going on the entire month of July. It's not to late to start! Every penny makes a difference! You can also check the right sidebar of the blog to see the other fundraising opportunities we have available.

Don't forget that Jack's mom has started a new blog, 1,000 Loving Jack, to chronicle their journey to bring home their son. Check it out!

Teamwork Tuesday is a communal effort by many bloggers to bring attention to a specific child every Tuesday. All Teamwork Tuesday bloggers advocate for the same child on Tuesdays in hopes that increased exposure for that child will help in finding a family.

This is Brent. Can you believe that smile? Brent turned 7 last month, and he lives in an institution. Brent has Down syndrome and severe mental retardation. The institution he lives in benefits from an orphan care program that provides children with one-on-one nannies and extra stimulation. I have seen video of Brent, and he is a very smiley and happy child. He is an orphanage favorite due to his sweet nature.

Unfortunately for Brent, if he is not adopted he will age out of the orphan care program and end up just an anonymous, neglected adult in a mental institution. Brent's life could be so much more if he were adopted and helped by his parents to reach his full potential.

Brent has $10,209.35 in his adoption grant. Many people have worked very hard to raise money for Brent. You can help Brent by donating to increase his grant fund, sharing his photo and information, and considering whether Brent has a place in your family. Brent also needs a Guardian Angel.

Please also see my post about about Kyle, another Teamwork Tuesday child who is still waiting for a family. He has an updated picture!

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