Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spare Some Change to Change Jack's Life!

I can't forget this face. And I'm not going to let you, either! Fresh on the heels of our very successful June Fundraiser for Jack, which not only met but exceeded our goal of $500 for Jack's adoption grant, I'm beginning my very next fundraising effort!

In July, I am hosting the Spare Some Change to Change Jack's Life event. It's very simple to participate. Here are the steps:

  • Take a container, any container, and mark it Jack.
  • Place it in a visible area or next to where you get undressed at night.
  • At the end of the day, throw your spare change in it.

That's it. That's all that's required. At the end of the month, visit Jack's Project Hopeful FIG account and donate via PayPal whatever you've saved. Project Hopeful is a 501c charity, and donations are tax-deductible.

You don't have to sign up or even notify me if you are participating, but it would be fun to know whom we have on board! I created a Spare Some Change to Change Jack's Life Facebook event that I invited all my Facebook friends to, and it already has a hefty following. 

There is no pre-set amount that has to be raised for this fundraiser, and there is no minimum donation. As I have said before (and will continue to say), every penny counts! But in the spirit of fun and gratitude, I will be offering a $10 iTunes gift card to the participant who spares the most change to change Jack's life! All you need to do to claim your potential prize is let me know how much you donated. You can either post it here or you can email me via the Contact Me button on the right sidebar of my blog, should you choose to keep your donation anonymous. This fundraiser wraps up on July 31st. Participants who wish to try to win the iTunes card need to notify me of their donation amount by August 2nd.

It's all for this sweet boy, sweet Jack, who has been waiting for years for a family to call his own.

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