Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Post on a Rainy Tuesday

Hello, friends! The last week has been very busy around here at TWOB Central. We had a very nice trip with the extended family to celebrate my parents' anniversary, the children had hockey camp, and I have been putting the finishing touches on plans for our new school year, which began yesterday!

Also, I have been experiencing some wrist pain recently, so I am attempting to limit my time spent typing. I will therefore be reducing my posts to approximately three per week for the time being.

But first, I have some fantastic news to report! Two more boys to whom I have introduced you (in the same post, nonetheless!) have been found by their families! Both boys were in very bad situations. One had been transferred to an adult mental institution and faced a life of nothing but lying in a crib. The other, who is blind, was spending his days confined to a playpen.

Congratulations to both Igor and Andrew, and to their new families, from TWOB! Please consider continuing to financially support these families as they work to bring their children home.

Also, I would like to remind you that we are still collecting spare change for Jack! This fundraiser runs through the end of the month, and it's not too late to join! Every penny counts! Please also remember to check out the left sidebar of my blog for more fundraising opportunities!

Next, I would like to remind you of Denis, another little boy who has stolen my heart. An adoptive family met Denis earlier this month, and they report that he very much wishes for a family. Denis is described as polite, smart, and playful, and he would make an excellent addition to any family.

And finally, I would like to close today's post with a reminder that adopting older children is an extremely important, especially rewarding thing to do. No one outgrows the need for a family, ever. One of our children was adopted from an orphanage at the age of 11. This child has gone on to participate in both a varsity-level high school soccer program AND a professional soccer team's pre-professional academy program; participate in a televised Martin Luther King Day speech competition; present at a statewide National History Day competition; attend a year-long seminar on immigration issues run by our state's former governor; get that first teenage job at a restaurant; and receive a one-year college scholarship for being selected to attend an elite, competitive-entry medical internship at the local medical school. All of these things are amazing achievements in their own right, but more important than any of them is that this child went from being an angry, untrusting, unhappy child who did not know how to live in a family to an integrated member of the family who seeks parental involvement and advice and has loving relationships with family. Adoption helped this child to reach full potential rather than graduating from an orphanage and facing a life of poverty, hardship, and aloneness.

If you have never considered adopting an older child but are interested in discussing it, please email me through the Contact Me button on the right sidebar of my blog.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your support of orphaned boys worldwide!


  1. Aww...I wish you could post the photo, looking so sharp rocking that white coat!!

  2. I know, but I promised said child I would not post personal pictures. :/