Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Miracle: It's Another Marcus Blog Blitz!

This is Marcus. Marcus will be 10 years old in December. He is just about the handsomest little boy in the world.

Look at those brown eyes! Marcus is a smart, communicative, and friendly little boy. Did you know that Marcus is in the highest-level classes for kids his age? This is one bright little boy!

But Marcus has a secret, one he has not wanted to reveal to the world. Marcus has not wanted potential adoptive parents to know his secret, because Marcus knows that, if they know, they will not want to adopt him.

How does Marcus know this? He knows because has watched, time and again, as adoptive parents have come to his orphanage ... and left ... with other children. He has watched as his three best friends in the orphanage have been chosen. And Marcus still waits.

Marcus knows he has been passed over because of his secret. In fact, as you can see from the above photo, Marcus tried to cover up his secret.

Why has no one chosen this smart, communicative, friendly little boy to be their very own son?

Marcus knows it's because he has spina bifida and his legs don't work.

That is Marcus' secret, his shame. No one will want him because his legs don't work.

An adoptive mother who recently met Marcus had this to say about him:

"He just turned 9 and he looks about 7 at best. He’s a small guy and pretty serious natured from what we’ve seen. He’s friendly but focused, if that makes sense. He’s the kind of kid that sits back and observes, taking everything in. He goes to classes, so he must be smart enough, but we haven’t talked to him as much as we’ve seen him. He plays around with the other boys, but is very quick to obey the teacher when she gives instructions. He too has spina bifida and is very modest about it. It is obvious he does not want to be judged by his disability but just wants to be a normal little boy. I cannot imagine how horrific it would be for him to be transferred to a mental institution. He seems well liked by the other boys, but is more quiet and less boisterous.

When I look in his face, I see a kid who wants to be accepted and encouraged, and who has a fighter’s spirit- refusing to let life, or EE [Eastern Europe], get him down. He has a lot of determination to reach his goals whether they are getting to a certain place in the building or following instructions- that same determination is what will propel him to success in the real world, IF someone adopts him and gives him a chance. And I have to say, he is a cutie pie. He has no idea of it, but he is adorable. There’s something just intriguing about his cute little face- the face of a young boy- and his serious focus- like the intensity of an adult. You can see he thinks things through and doesn’t miss much!"

What a great kid! Unfortunately, if Marcus isn't adopted, his future is very bleak. If Marcus is not adopted, he will be transferred to a mental institution, where he will spend the rest of his life bedridden and with no love or intellectual stimulation. He will not go to school, he will not play, and he will not even go outside. He will lie in a bed for the rest of his life.

That is the reality of the fate of disabled orphans in some parts of the world.

A little boy in the advanced classes in school confined forever to a crib in an adult mental institution. Can you even imagine?

Marcus wants to be adopted. He wants so badly to have a family of his own that, after he watched a little girl from his orphanage, a girl who like him has spina bifida and whose legs don't work, leave the orphanage with her forever family, he mustered the courage to let the world see his secret. He let the workers at the orphanage take a picture of him in his wheelchair and show his legs that don't work. Can you imagine how much courage that must have taken?

A little boy, just nine years old.

Today is a Blog Blitz for Marcus. Bloggers will be teaming up to bring attention to this little boy, all in the hope of finding him a family. Marcus needs a family that can see past his legs that don't work, past his wheelchair, and see the bright, sensitive, courageous little boy who longs for a family and all their love. Are you that family?

Marcus currently has $3304.66 in his grant. So many members of the Reece's Rainbow community love Marcus that not only are they blogging about him together, seeking a family for this very special little boy, they have also come together with a plan to increase Marcus' adoption grant. 

First, there are $5 Amazon gift cards available to the first ten people who donate $10 or more to Marcus' adoption grant. If you make a $10 donation, you get half of it back! And ... we have been offered a matching grant of $100! If all ten $5 gift cards are claimed for $10 each, our matching grant donor will add an additional $100 to Marcus' grant! We could raise his grant to over $3500!

In the past month, Marcus' grant has grown by over $400. There are lots of people who love Marcus and are working to make sure he is found by his forever family. Can you be one of them? Can you help us claim our $100 matching grant and add $200 to Marcus' fund?

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