Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blog Blitz: 63 Passed-Over Kids

Hello, friends. Today is a blog blitz for 63 kids who have been passed over for too long. The Reece's Rainbow community got together and decided to act on behalf of these 63 kids who have been waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting. I will introduce you to six of these children, and I will give you the links to all the other bloggers who are advocating today for these 63 kids.

Sixty-three seems like a lot. And it is. But if all of TWOB readers and all of the readers of all of the other blogs read about these kids, we can find them families. If all of TWOB readers and all of the readers of all of the other blogs share these kids in the social media world, we can find them families. Working together, we can find them families.

Knowledge and money. Together we can overcome these two barriers to adoption for these children, and we can find them families.

And now, the stars of today's show:

Daniel was born in January of 2006. He has CP, hydrocephalus, and epilepsy. Daniel has already been transferred to a mental institution and will spend the rest of his life bedridden if he is not adopted. But there is good news! Daniel already has a $3,000 adoption grant, and the region he is in typically waives the 10-day waiting period after court. 

Denis turns 6 this month. He has multiple medical needs, including epilepsy and spastic tetraparesis. But look at those brown eyes! I am a sucker for brown eyes. More photos are available of this young man. Unfortunately, Denis has already been transferred to a mental institution, but he has $3,010 in his adoption grant and, like Daniel, lives in a region that typically waives the post-court waiting period.

Nate will turn 6 in August. He was born with CP and also has CMV-related vision problems. Nate is another brown-eyed cutie! He cannot walk on his own, but he could make great improvement if he were given consistent therapy. Nate has $161.00 in his adoption grant fund. Nate is available to larger families as well as smaller and resides in a relatively lower-cost region.

Poor Matvey did not want his picture taken. Matvey will turn 8 years old in August. He has a cognitive delay but is otherwise healthy. An adoptive family met Matvey in 2008 and described him as "more aware and alert than a child with Down syndrome might be at the same age." Matvey could thrive in a loving family. He currently has $50.50 in his adoption grant fund.

Yuri turned 9 in April. He was recently transferred to an institution and needs a family now so that he does not regress in his development. Yuri has a cognitive delay and "syndrome of movement inhibition," but he is described as happy, active, and very independently mobile. Yuri could progress so much in a loving family environment! Yuri does not currently have an adoption grant, but an family that commits to him could create an FSP and fundraise for his adoption.

Anastasia turned 10 in June. She has CP but no other mental or physical delays. Anastasia has difficulty walking but is described as affectionate and smart. Anastasia will definitely benefit from physical therapy and a family of her own. Anastasia has $197.50 in her adoption grant fund, and she is available for adoption by large families as well as small.

All of these children, plus 57 more, have been overlooked for too long.They may be "too old" or "too disabled." But all of these children have tremendous potential to make great progress in a family that is dedicated to providing them with the love, care, therapy, and education they deserve. It can be daunting to consider adopting an older or a disabled child. But there are many, many adoptive parents who have walked this road already and who will be happy to share their experiences with you. If you are not in a position to adopt, please consider donating to increase the grant funds of these children, and please share their information with others so that these children have the best possible chance of being seen by their forever family!

Also, please visit the following blogs to read about the 57 other children who have been passed over for too long.

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