Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: A Trio!

First, I am happy to report that yesterday's 38 for My 38th awareness event netted $95 in donations to adoption grants for children featured on Reece's Rainbow! Thank you to everyone who donated or shared the link! Together we can make a difference!

Don't forget to stop by my June Fundraiser for Jack! Every donation helps Jack reach his family!

Today on Waiting Wednesday I bring you a special trio of children. All are living in the same Eastern European orphanage, and all are in danger of aging out of the baby house in which they live. After aging out, children with special needs are transferred to internats or boarding schools, from which adoption is very difficult or virtually impossible. Conditions can be very bleak. I have been asked to share these children to increase the chance that they can find families before being transferred.

So let's meet the children!

Danulo is six years old. He is described as positive, cheerful, and neat. Doesn't he look like he's very interested in what's going on?

Maxim will turn six later this summer. He is described as curious and competitive. Maxim does not speak but he can walk independently and likes to play. Maxim needs a family to love him and help him reach his full potential!

Katya has just turned 3 years old. She can stand and speaks some. She is described as a very good girl with a good prognosis for the future. She has had several surgeries but needs further treatment. The director of her orphanage really wants Katya to be adopted and says that her chances of walking independently are good if she is given medical care and treatment. She has the sweetest little face!

Each of these children needs your help to find their forever family and avoid the fate of being transferred. Please share their information, and please consider whether you have a spot in your family for one of these children!

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