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Waiting Wednesday: Lance, Steven, and Lucas

Hi there! I'd like to remind you that there are only three more days left in my June Fundraiser for Jack! If you haven't already donated, now would be a great time to do so! If you have already donated, thank you so much!

Today, for Waiting Wednesday, I was planning to bring you a trio of little boys who all live together and who are probably just about the most adorable little boys ever and who need families of their own: Lance, Steven, and Lucas. I was planning to do so, but I can't.

There is a family traveling to Lance, Steven, and Lucas' orphanage right now! I have updated information on all three boys, but I can't present them as a trio of waiting boys.

I can, however, introduce you to Lance. Lance turned 6 years old in May and is living with HIV. I'll let the mama who is in his country, at his orphanage right now, tell you about Lance.

This young man’s smile is a ray of sunshine.  His giggle is infectious.  He is a good helper at the children’s home with his teachers and fellow classmates.  He is the man of the house and takes responsibility for others without complaining.  He does not let his role go to his head and become arrogant and proud.  If he does get upset which is not often he can be easily redirected.  He plays very well with all the other classmates and listens to his teachers.  Whenever we see him we are greeted by him running to us with a BIG smile and a wave.  He showed very clear signs of attaching to a mother and a father.  He loves older children (teenagers) and just longs to belong to a family and have that attachment and affection.

We often see him at the fence at school when other kids his age and older passing by on the trail behind his play area in their karate uniforms and his whole world just stops as he stares and watches them run off with their instructors.  Just breaks your heart.  This young man I believe would flourish in a loving family and would bring so much joy and laughter into it!
The school staff stated that he is a very good boy and does not cause trouble and they are very proud of him because he is such a BIG helper with the little ones.

Doesn't Lance sound amazing? What a fantastic son and brother he would make! Lance currently has $104.80 in his adoption fund, but he has no Guardian Angel. We are hoping that the new information and increased visibility of Lance, due to the efforts of the family who is currently at his orphanage, will quickly result in a family for him! You can help Lance by donating to increase his grant fund and sharing his photos and information as well as considering whether Lance has a place in your family.

I can also introduce you to Steven. Steven just turned five at the end of May, and he lives with Lance. He is also HIV+, and Steven has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It has been stated that the orphanage these boys live at is well run, the children are well cared for, and the staff is very good. Which is great, but no orphanage, no matter how well run, no matter how loving the caregivers, is a family. Once again, I will let the mom who is visiting tell you about Steven.

This little man makes me weak in the knees! This is Steven. Oh how I adore him and want to bring him home and just love and protect him! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this young man. He truly is a little man of character. He sees the needs of others before they do. We walked past a swing that was swinging when he was holding my hand, he knew there were other little ones behind us and he stopped the swing so it didn't hit the others. We go to his children's home early in the morning so I bring my coffee. Gotts have my coffee! The kids light up when they see coffee! LOL! Anyhow my coffee cup was empty but the little ones in his group saw my coffee cup and he ran to my cup first and gave it to me in order to make sure they did not get it when he saw they spotted the cup. Taylor lost her hair ribbon on two occasions and he ran and brought her bow back to her while the others stepped on it. He wants a Mama and Papa so badly. He calls Joe and I Mama and Papa and he lights up when he sees us. Oh how I want to bring him home. Not sure if we are being called to but I do know this this little boy wants and needs a family to love him that he will love back with everything he is. His heart is on his sleeve to serve others. Oh how he deserves the love of a father and mother!

Quite a ringing endorsement of sweet Steven!

Steven does have a Guardian Angel, and he has $112.50 in his adoption grant fund. You can help Steven by donating to increase his grant fund, sharing his photos and information, and considering whether Steven could be your son.

Both Lance and Steven are available for adoption by older parents as well as younger and by larger families as well as smaller. Fees are approximately $25,000 and the adoption can be accomplished in as few as 7 months!

And what of Lucas, the third little boy, the third amazing, wonderful little boy I planned to introduce to you today? Well, I will introduce you to him anyway. 

Isn't he beautiful? Lucas turned five in February and lives, for now, with Lance and Steven. He won't for long, though, because just yesterday, a family committed to to Lucas! Lucas is going to be adopted and raised in his forever family! He will not be left to grow up in an orphanage. Hurray for Lucas!

Please take a moment to re-read my post about Isaac, another HIV+ child who is around the same age as Lance, Steven, and Lucas and who still waits for a family.

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