Thursday, June 21, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Daniel and Thankful Thursday: Colin

Once again I offer you a two-fer! 

Please remember to check out my June Fundraiser for Jack! We have reached slightly more than half our goal. Jack is still a waiting child, and every penny helps him to be found and reach his family sooner!

Also, you should check out this family's "iPad" or "Your Choice" Giveaway with FREE Gifts! This family is in the process to bring home a little girl and is hoping also to be able to commit to a second child, a child who has already been institutionalized. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for the second child's facilitation fee, and the family has recently been offered a $1,000 matching grant!

Now on to our boys!

This little sweetie is Daniel. Daniel turned seven last month. He is living with HIV. A missionary who visited the orphanage in March of 2010 reported that Daniel is a lot of fun and described him as inquisitive and curious. Daniel has lots of energy and apparently enjoys jumping on the couch! (Remember, he was four when that was reported!)  The missionary said Daniel is a very sweet little boy. An update from the fall of 2011 reports that Daniel is "wonderful" and wants to be adopted!

Can't you see Daniel riding his bike down your sidewalk, or diving into the pool in his Spiderman swim trunks, or taking his turn at bat on his Little League team? Daniel has a large grant of $2500. He is available for adoption to large families as well as small and to married couples, younger or older! His region requires two trips, and total fees are approximately $25,000. Daniel's adoption could be completed in as few as seven months! 

You can help Daniel by donating to increase his grant fund, by sharing his photos and information, and by considering whether Daniel has a place in your family. You can also become Daniel's Guardian Angel and commit to helping raise funds for his adoption grant and to helping find him a family!

And now, for Thankful Thursday, I would like to relate a conversation that my own sweet boy had with his friend yesterday while we were at the cinema waiting for The Pirates: Band of Misfits to begin. My son and his friend chose to sit in the very last row, all by themselves. I overheard them talking.

Son: We're so rich we reserved these great seats at the theater! I love the rich life!
Friend: Yeah, we can do anything we want.
Son: But we'll still donate money to charities, right?
Friend: Yeah, 'cause that's what rich people do!

We are by no means rich, but I love that my son and his friend recognize the importance of doing for others. Unfortunately, sometimes doing what is needed requires money, which is why I am asking for donations to Jack's adoption grant and to the grants of all the other amazing, wonderful boys I showcase here at TWOB. It can sometimes feel like the need is so overwhelming that nothing can be done and no one person can be effective. But working together, friends, we can make a difference for these children! And for many of them, we are the only ones who can! Many of these children have no voice of their own and no one speaking for them. My oldest daughter asked me the other day, after reading through some entries on my blog, "Why do you do this, Mom? It's so sad. I couldn't do it." (Keep in mind that this child was adopted from an overseas orphanage.) I told her, "I do it because someone has to." I'm not rich. I can't fund these children myself. But I can write and speak about them and encourage others to take an interest in these children. That's my skill. That's what I can do now, and I appreciate that you have stopped by to read about these children and consider how you can help them.

This blue-eyed young man is Colin. He was born on my sister's birthday and will be turning 10 this year. Colin has cerebral palsy that affects his legs, and at this time he is unable to walk on his own. With therapy, however, it is possible that he could! Colin has no other health issues besides CP. 

Colin's situation is critical because he has already been transferred to an adult mental institution. It is reported that, as is to be expected, Colin's mental development has regressed due to lack of stimulation, care, and interaction with others. He is not receiving proper medical care or nourishment. Colin will mostly likely remain bedridden for life if he is not adopted.

Due to the fact that Colin no longer resides in an orphanage, a family seeking to adopt him should be homestudy-ready before committing to him. Colin lives in a region with fees of approximately $25,000, and he is available to married couples, young or old, with small or large families. Two trips are required to complete Colin's adoption, and he could be home in as few as seven months!

Colin does not have a Guardian Angel, and he desperately needs someone to advocate on his behalf. Could this be you? Please donate to increase Colin's adoption fund, which currently stands at $30. Please share Colin's photo and information. Please consider whether Colin has a place in your family. No child should have to spend the rest of his life confined to a bed in a place where those considered "defective" are hidden away from society.

And starting today, I will be closing every post with a reminder of another boy I have already profiled who is still waiting. If you missed reading about Chad, please do so now. Time is running out for Chad!


  1. Thank you so so much!!! You have been entered into the giveaway for sharing! Good luck :)

  2. Thanks so much for featuring Colin! He sure needs all the advocating he can get - I fear he is largely unnoticed :(