Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Carlton

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On this Waiting Wednesday, I would like to introduce you to Carlton. Carlton is 4 years old. Is he not simply adorable? But hang on, because there are a lot more pictures of Carlton coming your way. This little boy needs his family! Carlton is facing a transfer to an adult mental institution, where he will remain bedridden for the rest of his life.

Carlton is described as bright, charming, and handsome. (And in just a minute, you'll be able to see for yourself!) Although he is not yet five years old, Carlton is doing schoolwork on the level of a 7-8 year old child! This little guy is a smartie! Carlton also wants a family. He desperately wants a family. And ... Carlton had a family. A family committed to Carlton, and they even sent him gifts in the orphanage. But they were unable to complete the adoption, and Carlton still waits.

Carlton has paraparesis of the lower extremities. 
That's a big diagnosis for a little boy, but what it means that Carlton's legs are partially paralyzed. The good news is that Carlton has had two surgeries to combat this, and he has been receiving physical therapy to help him walk!

A woman who met Carlton has this to say about him:

This adorable boy is not only extremely HANDSOME but also extremely SMART! I am totally in love with his personality: he was reciting very long poems for me, when I gave him the toys and candies he was so happy, he hugged me, he was smiling, he said Thank you. Very polite young man with a self-respect! He does not give any impression of an orphan child, I believe that the future parents will not have any attachment or discipline issues at all. The child is very friendly, tender, obedient, open for a dialogue, asks questions but at the same time he is not clinging and annoying. We were playing with a doll house and he impressed me so much with giving me ideas how to make the house cozy. 

Carlton's listing on the registry of his country says it seems that "he knows a hundred time more than all of us adults." It is written that he is gentle, kind, and serious beyond his years. He communicates well and loves to tell stories and recite long poems! (That sounds so much like my own kids, who have memorized over three dozen poems in the past few years.) Carlton is outgoing and gregarious, and apparently he was able to get a girl who had not spoken in six months to talk to him! The person who wrote his description described him as a supernova! What more could you ask for!

See for yourself how much Carlton shines ...

It is said that when Carlton was asked whether a volunteer could return to visit him, he shouted, "No!" When asked why, his response was, "If you come, then permanently." Carlton wants a family so badly! He wants the person or people who will be committed to him, who will love him and provide him with every opportunity, who will tuck him in at night and brush the hair off his forehead and kiss him and tell him that he is theirs alone, their own special boy.

Carlton has approximately $1600 in his adoption grant. He still needs your help! Carlton needs you to shout from the rooftops that he is out there, waiting and hoping for his family! Carlton needs you to help his adoption grant grow so that his forever family, when they find him, can bring him home swiftly! Please share Carlton's information far and wide. This little boy is waiting! Please save him from life in a mental institution!


  1. He is so precious. And working so hard in that walker. I pray that his family comes very soon.

  2. Who does one contact about him?

  3. You would start by contacting Sarah at Reece's Rainbow. I love Carlton. I just want to smoosh him up! He reminds me very much of my friend's son, who is about the same age. What an awesome little guy!!

  4. I clicked on the link to his country's registry and of course it is all in Russian/ there a way to view it in English?

  5. If you copy and paste the url into the Chrome browser, you will get an option to translate the text. You could also copy the text and paste it into

  6. He is no longer on RR:( Was he transferred?

  7. I was told that Carlton may be adopted in his country. We should find out in September.

  8. Carlton reappeared on RR and then disappeared again a few days ago. Do you know what is happening with Carlton? Why is he no longer on RR?