Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Wyatt

Hello, friends! Just two more days left in our June Fundraiser for Jack! We have raised $390, and Jack's adoption grant has exceeded $7000! Thank you to everyone for your generosity!

Another Reece's Rainbow child has found his family! Simeon, a beautiful Roma child who was ignored in his orphanage because of his ethnicity, will soon be joining his family! 

Today, for Thankful Thursday, I am thankful that my sweet son enjoys his Transformers so much. He recently spent his allowance on Bumblebee, the yellow Camaro Transformer. He has literally not been anywhere without Bumblee since Bumblebee joined the family. Bumblebee has traveled to garden club, to the grocery, to the pool, to Grandpa's for a sleepover, to the library, and, yesterday, to the pulmonologist. Bumblebee sleeps with my son in bed, and my son has a running conversation with Bumblebee as he transforms him, repeatedly, from a car to a robot and back again. Bumblebee has become a good friend and a valued family member, and I love watching my son have such a good time!

Today I am also thankful for sweet Wyatt. Look at his cowlick! Wyatt is three years old, and this little guy is not in good shape. Wyatt has hydrocephalus as well as Down syndrome. Not a whole lot is known about Wyatt, but we do know that Wyatt is a "recumbent" patient, meaning he is bedridden. We also know that Wyatt's hydrocephalus has caused him to be unable to move his hands. This poor little guy spends his days lying in a crib, unable to move or do anything. It is also possible that Wyatt has cystic fibrosis, and he is fed through a tube. This sweet boy just can't get a break!

Unfortunately, Wyatt lives in a facility that immediately transfers children who haven't been adopted when they turn four. Wyatt's birthday is in February, meaning he has just 8 short months before he is transferred to a mental institution where he will live out the remainder of his days in a crib. Considering Wyatt's medical difficulties, it it likely that Wyatt will not survive long if he is transferred.

Wyatt really, really needs a family. With proper medical care, love, and stimulation, who knows what this boy's potential is! Certainly it is more than lying in a bed, staring blankly at his surroundings. Wyatt is in desperate need of the love of a mother. Wyatt currently has an adoption grant of $3,815.00. He doesn't have a Guardian Angel, but he does have a dedicated warrior who is doing her best to bring Wyatt to the world's attention so that this precious child has a shot at a family. You can visit Wyatt's Warriors to read more about Wyatt and what his warrior is doing for him.

You can help Wyatt by donating to increase his grant fund, by sharing his photo and information, and by considering whether you are the family that can rescue Wyatt. Little Wyatt's situation truly is desperate, and he needs our help.

Please also visit my previous post about Andrew P., my sweet prayer warrior child. Andrew is still waiting for his family to find him!

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  1. When your son out grows Bumblebee, save him for when he has his own kids....or just for a walk down memory lane.