Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Recap

Welcome to The Wonder of Boys! My blog is officially one month old now, and I'd like to recap some of the road we've traveled together over this last month. What I am thankful for today is the opportunity to write this blog and share these amazing boys with you!

First I would like to remind everyone to check out my June Fundraiser for Jack. Donations are only $5, and every dollar helps Jack get to his family sooner! A new prize has been added! After an initial donation on opening day, we've been stuck at $20. Please consider a donation of any amount; every little bit helps!

And this brings me to some sad news to share. Early last month, a family committed to Jack. I shared in this post that his mom-to-be encountered some life-threatening medical issues. I am happy to report that, against all odds, she has fully recovered but, due to regulations of the country in which Jack lives, she is no longer eligible to adopt him. She reports in her blog post, however, that the placing agency has been able to match Jack with another family.

So fundraising for Jack will continue! All money donated to Jack through the link I have provided in my fundraiser will continue to go to his grant, which is specific to him and is given to whichever family adopts him. Thanks in advance for your support!

I have had several people contact me about boys I have featured on my blog, which is encouraging to me because it shows that people are reading about these boys and that the boys are touching their hearts. There are so many children out there who face such a bleak future if they are not adopted into families who love them and provide them with medical care and opportunities to reach their full potential. And these children can flourish if given the opportunity!

Yesterday evening, I hit the 1,000 visitors mark! Not bad for one month! An average of 30 people per day are being introduced to boys who are waiting for their families! I have had visitors from 48 US states and 20 foreign countries/territories!

As you can see from the left sidebar of my blog, three additional boys whom I have blogged about, Titas, Carter, and Marcus, have been found by their forever families! I look forward to moving many more boys to the Found! column of my blog, and you can help me do that by continuing to share information about these boys so that their families find out about them! I remain firm in my belief that there are families for these children and that there are only two obstacles to them coming together: knowledge and money. First, the family has to know their child is out there. Second, families need help with the staggering costs of adoption. No one has a spare $30,000 sitting around. But by working together, we can unite these families!

Speaking of money, another orphan advocate has been hard at work creating opportunities for funding for older boys who are close to aging out of the system. Through the generosity of Project Hopeful, we have been able to set up fundraising accounts for Chad, Dmitry, and Sergey! All donations to the Project Hopeful grants are tax-deductible, and you can find the links to these grants on the right sidebar of my blog. Please remember that all three of these boys are in danger of aging out of the system. They need your help now so that they don't remain orphans their entire lives!

I found out this morning that sweet Ross is also running out of time. Unfortunately, Reece's Rainbow only has his file for a short amount of time, and then it must be returned to the authorities of his country. Ross' situation is urgent because he is facing transfer to an adult mental institution. Once he is transferred, it will very difficult to adopt him. Please share Ross' information so that this chocolate-loving little boy isn't alone for the rest of his life!

And lastly, I would like to update yesterday's post on Carlton. Although it's right there on his profile in bold red letters, it somehow failed to register with me when I made my post (probably because it's so horrific to consider) that Carlton is in danger of being transferred to an adult mental institution! This amazing, cognitively gifted, poetry-loving little boy who is working so hard to learn to walk after not one but two surgeries on his legs will remain bedridden for the rest of his life if he is not adopted. Please share Carlton's information so that he can escape this horrible fate!

And that is the month in review here at TWOB. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your support of orphaned boys worldwide.

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