Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Benji

First I would like to remind everyone to check out my June Fundraiser for Jack. Donations are only $5, and every dollar helps Jack get to his family sooner! A new prize has been added!

Teamwork Tuesday is a communal effort by many bloggers to bring attention to a specific child every Tuesday. All Teamwork Tuesday bloggers advocate for the same child on Tuesdays in hopes that increased exposure for that child will help in finding a family. 

This is Benji. Benji is six years old and lives in Asia. He was born prematurely at 30 works and suffered from a retinal detachment that has been corrected with laser treatment. He also received therapy for a speech delay, and after two years he was able to start kindergarten with no accommodations. He made great progress! Benji has apparently been in a series of foster homes. This little guy needs a stable family to love him!

Travel to Benji's region is quick: 4-7 days. Adoption costs are relatively low. Couples married at least five years, who have no more than five children in the home and are between the ages of 30 and 50, qualify to adopt Benji.

Benji currently only has $27 in his adoption grant! He needs your help to bring him to his forever family. You can help Benji by donating to increase his grant, sharing his information, and considering whether Benji has a place in your family.

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