Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Alexander

I have a bunch of good news today!

First, we are 63% of the way to our goal of $500 in the June Fundraiser for Jack! Even better, Jack's adoption grant fund is now just $70.20 from reaching $7000! That's 21% of the entire cost of his adoption! That's a HUGE grant! Thanks for all your help in making it happen!

Second, Kody has been found by his forever family! You may remember from my post that Reece's Rainbow had Kody's file for only a short amount of time, and many people were pulling for Kody to be found before his file had to be returned to the authorities in his country. Kody is one of an incredible FIVE kids from his country whose families found them yesterday ... five kids in a span of two hours! This is what keeps me going when things seem grim ... there is always HOPE!

And third, Harding from my recent post vanished from Reece's Rainbow. I was concerned, so I inquired about it. It turns out that Harding has been taken into foster care in his home country! Not only is he out of the orphanage, but also there is a chance his foster family could adopt him! This is huge in a culture where adoption and fostering are not as accepted or common as they are in the United States. Slowly, barriers are being broken down.

Now we just need to find that family for Jack!

Teamwork Tuesday is a communal effort by many bloggers to bring attention to a specific child every Tuesday. All Teamwork Tuesday bloggers advocate for the same child on Tuesdays in hopes that increased exposure for that child will help in finding a family.

Today's Teamwork Tuesday child is Alexander! Alexander turned ten years old in April. Doesn't have have just the sweetest smile and the happiest expression? Unfortunately, Alexander's life is not so happy. Not only does he reside in an Eastern European orphanage without a family to love him, but also he suffers from a brain tumor that has caused damage to his vision. It is unlikely that Alexander will survive in his home country, but his chances may be better were he adopted and brought to a country where his tumor could be treated.

Alexander is described as happy, cheerful, and sociable, as well as very lovable and very smart. He loves dancing and one-on-one attention, and he has sensitive feelings. This little boy is concerned about others and is outgoing. He loves to sing songs and recite poems. Interested families would be able to see more photos and even a video of Alexander.

Alexander is available to married couples and single mothers and older parents as well as younger. Unfortunately, Alexander's region requires four trips. This little boy is running out of time. His family needs to find him quickly. Alexander has an adoption grant of $131.00. You can help Alexander by donating to increase his grant fund, sharing his photo and information, and considering whether Alexander has a place in your family. Alexander deserves all the love a family can give!

Please take a moment to revisit my post about Quinten, who is still waiting for a family.

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