Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Miracle: Vladimir S

First I would like to remind everyone to check out my June Fundraiser for Jack. Donations are only $5, and every dollar helps Jack get to his family sooner! You can also share on your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter feed to be added to the give-away! A new prize has been added! Today we are at $89. Who can help us make the jump to $100?

This sweet boy is Vladimir. Look at those blue, blue eyes! Vladimir was born in 2003 (so he's the same age as my son). Vladimir is described as a charming child and one who you want to get to know better. He is a serious and thoughtful child who is interesting to talk to. Vladimir is attentive to the things that go on around him.

Vladimir is a caring child who likes to help those who need it. He is curious and asks questions. He is interested in new things and loves to read fairy tales, play with cars, and and draw. His teachers mention that Vladimir has a very good sense of humor.

Vladimir has a chronic medical issue, but it is one that is easily managed by medication. Despite this chronic issue, Vladimir is a healthy child and, with a little extra attention to his health, he will live a normal life.

Vladimir is not listed with Reece's Rainbow and therefore does not have an adoption grant, but he still needs your help. Please share Vladimir's information, and click on his name to read about other ways you can help Vladimir and the children he lives with. Please consider whether Vladimir has a place in your own family!

New pictures of Vladimir! He's so handsome!

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