Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monday Miracle: Porter and the Lost Boys of Orphanage 47

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Today I would like to introduce you to Porter and the other boys of Orphanage 47. The boys of Orphanage 47 are known as the Lost Boys.

Orphanage 47 is an Eastern European mental institution for boys aged 6-18. It is underfunded, very remote, and until recently, completely closed. Children were not adopted from Orphanage 47. Aid groups were not permitted to enter Orphanage 47. Boys who went to Orphanage 47 never left until, at the age of 18, they were transferred again to another mental institution, this one for adults. Going to Orphanage 47 was the end of the road for these boys. Gone forever were their chances of adoption. These boys, the Lost Boys, were lost forever.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of two tireless and pioneering families, two children have been adopted from Orphanage 47. Slowly, very slowly, Orphanage 47 is opening to the outside world and to aid groups who wish to make a difference for the Lost Boys.

Unfortunately, the changes at Orphanage 47 are happening slowly, and, in the meantime, more boys are becoming Lost Boys. This recently happened to Porter.

Porter will turn 7 years old in August. He is living with HIV, and his (not recently updated) medical information states that he has a delay of psychomotor and speech development. Until he was transferred to Orphanage 47, Porter lived in a baby house where he received care and stimulation that are so crucial to the development of a child. Now, he resides in a place where the children do little to nothing other than sit. They sit in their room, they sit in a stifling outdoor shed, they sit in a snack building. They sit, all day, every day. The overwhelmed caretakers are responsible for almost 2 dozen boys each. Although many attempt to show the boys some affection, they are simply overwhelmed by the numbers and the boys don't get anything close to what they need to develop appropriately.

Porter is in grey.

Although an orphanage is not a home, before Porter was transferred and became a Lost Boy, he lived in a place that was much, much better. A family saw Porter in February and took video of him. The family reports he did not seem obviously delayed. This is what his life was like then (Porter is in the grey shirt):

Did you see how happily Porter is dancing? Do you understand how much children need this kind of activity and stimulation? Can you imagine this joyous, dancing little boy doing nothing, all day long, but sitting? Can you imagine your seven year old boy doing nothing but sitting, receiving little to no verbal or physical contact? Porter is not playing soccer or baseball. He is not learning to read. He is not creating art. He is not going swimming. He is not cuddling with his mommy. Porter is sitting, and, unless he is adopted, he will continue to sit for the next 11 years, at which time he will be transferred from Orphanage 47 to an adult mental institution, where he will sit for the rest of his life.

There are over 100 Lost Boys at Orphanage 47. For most of them, adoption is not a possibility. There are only three boys at Orphanage 47 who are listed for adoption. I don't know why these boys are the only ones listed, but I do know that, among some of the unluckiest little boys in the world, these three have at least a small nugget of luck. The orphanage director has agreed to allow them to be listed for adoption. Their photos and descriptions are visible on Reece's Rainbow. There are people advocating for these three Lost Boys, hoping beyond hope that these children escape the fate they were consigned to when they were transferred to Orphanage 47.

The other two little boys are Heath and Hanson. Heath has been a Lost Boy for many years. If you click through to his Reece's Rainbow profile, you will find links to the blog of a family who adopted the very first child ever from Orphanage 47. They speak of Heath and the desperateness of his situation. Neither Heath nor Hanson have Guardian Angels, and they very, very urgently need them. Heath has an adoption grant of nearly $10,000. Hanson's is $2,300. These boys, and Porter, are truly some of the neediest boys in the world.

Heath - 11 years old

Hanson - almost 7
Porter before he became a Lost Boy

Porter has a grant of $2050.60. Porter needs a family. Porter needs a family desperately. Porter needs the world to stand up and shout about him, the situation he is in at Orphanage 47, and the plight of the other boys who live there. No child should be consigned to a life devoid of even the most basic stimulation and human interaction. I urge you to please read the blog links I have provided. They will do a better job than I can of helping you to understand how bleak these children's lives are. It is not easy reading, but it is not something we can turn a blind eye to and ignore. These boys need our help. Please donate to increase their grant funds. Please consider becoming a Guardian Angel to Heath or Hanson. Please share these boys' photos as far and wide as you can. Please consider adopting one of them. Their futures are literally in the hands of those who advocate for them. Without advocacy, they will never escape being Lost Boys.

Today is part of a Blog Blitz about Porter and the other boys at Orphanage 47. Many bloggers are coming together to highlight these children in the hopes that their heightened visibility will find them families. You can read other Blog Blitz entries at the following links:

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  1. Hi Danielle thanks for stopping by my blog! I actually TOOK the video you have posted of Porter, though I'm not sure how you got it? Still, I hope it helps him find a family! That video was from the last day Vi was in the orphanage, her "gotcha day." :)

  2. Hi Lora! When we were planning the Blog Blitz for Porter, someone posted the YouTube link to this video. I embedded it from YouTube! Congratulations on Vi! :)