Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday Miracle: George and Teamwork Tuesday: Dmitry (+ Raising a Child with HIV)

Hello, friends! I missed my regularly scheduled Monday Miracle post yesterday because my mother-in-law and niece are visiting and we had a busy, busy day. So today I offer you a two-fer: Monday Miracle and Teamwork Tuesday with only one click of the mouse!

First I would like to mention that my June Fundraiser for Jack is still going on! We are 40% of the way to our goal! Please join with us to reach our goal of $500 for Jack's adoption grant!

This is particularly pressing because the second family that planned to commit to Jack has been unable to do so. Jack is still a waiting child with no committed family! Every penny that we can raise, together, for Jack increases his chances of being found and joining his family as quickly as possible!

I also have some very good news to share. First, Brady Murray, who was attempting to qualify for the Kona Ironman World Championship to raise awareness for orphans with Down Syndrome has done it! Brady will race in Hawaii in October for Reece's Rainbow!

Also, I was able to win two $20 donations to Reece's Rainbow waiting children through a Facebook contest. I chose to have these donations given to Marcus and Andrew. Please keep these beautiful and very special children in your thoughts and prayers.

And also, I submitted Kody's name to a drawing to determine which Reece's Rainbow child would be the beneficiary of a Scentsy party that began on June 15th. And Kody's name was drawn! Twenty percent of your purchase will be donated to Kody's adoption grant. I encourage you to visit!

Now, on to our Monday Miracle!

This handsome young man is George. George is nine years old and living with HIV. Doesn't he look like a thoughtful, intelligent boy? What a little cutie pie! There is not much information available about George, but if you contact Reece's Rainbow there are more photos available. George is available for adoption to large families and is in a region that requires just two trips. Total adoption costs are approximately $25,000, and the adoption can be completed in as few as 7 months! 

Many people are still discouraged by the idea of adopting a child with HIV. Some do not know that HIV is now considered a chronic, manageable illness and no longer a "death sentence." Daily medication and quarterly trips to the pediatric infectious disease doctor are the only ways in which caring for our HIV+ child is different than caring for our other children. (And we have a child with asthma, as well, so our HIV+ child is not even the only child taking medication. And my husband takes asthma medication as well!) 

Some people do not know that there is no risk of transmission of HIV in a normal household environment. As long as you follow universal precautions (which are, as the name implies, universal and not specific to HIV), you are safe. We don't use our HIV+ child's toothbrush or razor but other than that, we don't behave any differently with regard to interacting with our child.  

Some people believe that their child or family will be stigmatized by HIV. We have found that our family and friends are very supportive. We have never encountered a serious incident of discrimination, and our family and friends are not afraid of our child with HIV. Our child hold babies, plays with children, spends the night with friends, prepares food, plays sports, and does all the things that children not living with HIV do. We are fairly open about our child's status, and we have found that most people are fairly well educated.

We have found that HIV does not have a huge impact on our lives. We discuss HIV and its implications for adulthood with our children. We deal with some HIV-related issues in the areas of health, learning, and emotional impact, but for the most part our lives are very normal. I am always willing to discuss our experiences with both HIV and older child adoption. Please contact me through the Email Me link in the right sidebar of my blog should you have any questions.

George has $65 in his adoption grant. George needs your help! Please donate to increase George's adoption grant. Larger adoption grants help these children find their families. Please share George's photo and information, and please consider becoming George's Guardian Angel so you can advocate for him. And please consider whether George has a place in your family.

And now on to Teamwork Tuesday!

Isn't he lovely? This wonderful little guy is Dmitry. Dmitry will be 8 years old in November. He has Down syndrome and is described as quiet and affectionate. He enjoys interacting with both children and adults. He likes and participates in his classes. He is considered to be high functioning and is doing well.  Dmitry is available for adoption to older parents and single mothers as well as married couples and younger parents. His region requires three trips and total fees are approximately $30,000.

Dmitry currently does not have an adoption grant because Reece's Rainbow is awaiting further medical information for him. But you can still help Dmitry by sharing his information and considering whether he has a place in your family.

And finally, as an extra special treat for my Wonder of Boys friends, I leave you with this photo of the child who has captured my heart. He loves bugs, just like my daughter does. 

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