Friday, June 1, 2012

June Fundraiser for Jack!

Click here to donate to Jack's Reece's Rainbow adoption grant.

Welcome to June! There's a lot going on here at TWOB this month. Your lovely hostess (that's me!) has a birthday! (Stay tuned for details on how I'm going to celebrate my birthday to help the children.) Also, my sweet daughter, who is 10, is launching her own fundraiser! Anyone who knows my daughter knows that there are three words that describe her well: Pigpen and baker extraodinaire! (The first comes from her propensity to find dirt and mud in all its hiding places and attract it to her body. The second comes from her lifelong hobby of baking ... starting with homemade dough in the toaster oven when she was four. She called her creations "bachelor cookies" because, she told us, she made a batch of them!) Recently my daughter found an old cookbook in the attic that has recipes for making brand-name foods. She used the book to make a homemade batch of Reece's PB Cups, and let me tell you, they were mighty tasty (and vegan!). A few days later, she came to me and said she wanted to make more of these, call them PB Kupz, and sell them to raise money for Jack's adoption grant. So all through the month of June, my daughter will be making and selling these yummy creations locally (sorry, they don't travel long distances well ...). And, June is the month of my June Fundraiser for Jack! (Don't you love the creative name?) Update: As I mentioned in another post, the family who had committed to adopting Jack was unable to due to sudden health problems. Jack no longer has a Family Sponsorship Program page. I have changed the link to take you to his waiting child page, which has a grant fund donation button. All money raised for Jack from the start of this fundraiser stays with Jack and goes to whichever family completes his adoption. Should another FSP page be established for Jack, I will link to that. You will notice that the amount in Jack's fund appears to have jumped significantly. This is because the money raised through the FSP page has been combined with the money raised for Jack's grant before a family committed to him.

Beautiful Jack!

What, you may ask yourself, is the June Fundraiser for Jack all about? Well, it works like this:

Through the generosity of some kind individuals who support what I am doing here at TWOB, I have rounded up some nice prizes that will be awarded to the lucky recipients of a give-away. Donating to the give-away is simple ... all you have to do is go to Jack's Reece's Rainbow page, make your donation, and drop me a line to let me know you have done so. (If you don't use PayPal, you can also write a check to Reece's Rainbow, mark it "Jack 23," and mail it to Reece's Rainbow PO Box 4024 Gaithersburg, MD 20885.)

For each donation of $5, your your name will be added to the give-away once. For a donation of $25, you will be added 6 times, and for a donation of $50, you will be added 13 times! For any donation over $50 you will be added twice for every additional $5.

You can also be added to the give-away by doing one or more of the following:

  • Share this fundraiser on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media page
  • Blog about this fundraiser on your blog or website
  • Link to this post on your blog or website

You will be added to the give-away once for each of these actions (with a limit of one of each type for each individual). Don't forget to leave me a comment or send me an email to let me know you have done this. Please include the blog or website link to your post, if applicable.

Please leave separate comments for each donation or share. If you wish your donation to remain anonymous, let me know and I won't publish your comment!

Please feel free to make as many donations, or as large a donation, as you wish.

The recipients will be drawn at random by an automated selection program. 

This fundraiser will run from June 1st to June 30th. Recipients will be chosen on June 30th and posted on this blog (again, if you wish to remain anonymous, please let me know, and provide an alternate way to reach you).

Some of the prizes for this fundraiser were donated by local businesses. For the most part, people who live out of the area can still benefit from winning them, as the products can be shipped to you. (You will not incur any shipping fees.) Two can be awarded to local recipients only. 

If you are new to this blog or don't know who Jack is, please read here. All donations to Jack's Family Sponsorship Program are tax-deductible!

Ok, enough chatter already, on to the prizes!

From Bombshell Bakeshop we have not one but two $25 gift certificates! (These will be awarded separately.) Bombshell Bakeshop creates ridiculously delicious cookies, cupcakes, vinkies (vegan twinkies!), and energy bars. You can view their menu here. Thanks, Bombshell Bakeshop, and especially to the Executive Bombshell, who has been unrelentingly supportive!

From Eco Soul we have a $20 gift certificate! Eco Soul makes natural and organic body care products that are good for your body and good for the environment. Recently they have added a new sunscreen! Thanks to Eco Soul!

From Regain Solace we have a $30 gift certificate good for a 30-minute massage! Regain Solace is run by a licensed massage therapist who has also been the official medical massage therapist for a professional hockey team! This is one of the prizes that can't be shipped and will therefore be awarded to a local winner. Thanks to Regain Solace!


From those funky Chillicothe boys, the Lewis Brothers, we have not one but two signed CDs! (These will be awarded separately.) The Lewis Brothers are, as they describe themselves, an "exciting arrangement of eclectic and electric folk, rock, country, and general hillbillery." My whole family, including the kids, love the Lewis Brothers' music, and their newest CD, Folk and Camp Fire Songs, is particularly good for family sing-a-longs! Thanks, guys, for the autographs!

From Trader Joe's we have a gift basket worth approximately $25. Our local Trader Joe's knows the family quite well. We shop their frequently, and as we are a homeschooling and transracial family, we kinda stick out. The people there are always so nice to us, and when I approached their donations coordinator about donating for this fundraiser, she was really thrilled, as her own life has been touched by adoption. I won't really know the shipability of this item until I pick it up on June 29th. Thanks, Trader Joe's!
From Amazon (ok, not really from them, but for them) we have $25 gift card. I think we all know who Amazon is, so without further ado ...

From Jamie we have not one but two sets of adorable hair clippies. (These will be awarded separately.) Jamie and her family are in the process to adopt a gorgeous little guy with Down syndrome from an Eastern European orphanage. Despite her own busyness with three young kids in the home and her own need to fundraise for their adoption, Jamie has been super-supportive of others' fund-raising efforts and always has some words of encouragement for families who need them! Thanks, Jamie!

From Natalie we have a hand-knitted scarf with the cutest ruffles at the edges. (I have to admit I have a weakness for hand-knitted and hand-crocheted scarfs. I am a crocheter, myself, and supposedly there is a rivalry between knitters and crocheters. My husband solved the problem by coming up with a hybrid of the two that he calls crochitting ... say that out loud ...) Natalie is another of the amazing women who is adopting a special needs child. She recently cleaned out her knitting bag and offered all of its contents to people holding adoption fundraisers! Thanks for the support, Natalie!

And from my own daughter, we have a batch of 12 homemade, vegan PB Kupz! I have had these before, and I can guarantee you that they are completely yumtastic (to use a word common in our home)! Unfortunately, these wouldn't ship well, so they will be awarded to a local recipient.

I hope that you enjoy these prizes, made possible by generous people who support The Wonder of Boys and sweet Jack! It's not too late to donate a prize! If you or someone you know would like to donate a prize or gift certificate, please contact me via the Email Me link in the right sidebar. All monetary donations to the fundraiser are tax-deductible and will go to Jack's adoption grant. The Wonder of Boys appreciates your support for orphaned boys the world over!


  1. $20 donation. Thanks for fundraising for Jack!

  2. We had a used curriculum sale with our co-op on Monday night--didn't fare too well (what with selling things I bought used 5 years ago, spilled coffee in the pages and coated them with cat hair). Anyway, wanted to use it for Jack! Every little bit helps :)

  3. Just donated $25. Wish it were more, but I just received PA and so I am starting this journey myself. I so want Jack to find a family.Keep shouting out for him, someone will hear it and the forever family that God has picked will come. I just know it!

  4. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! Not everyone who has donated has posted here, so we have actually raised more money than is reflected by the comments on this page. Let's keep trucking along! We've raised nearly half the goal!

  5. I made $10 donation,and hope Jack will find lovely family soon!!!

  6. Donated! I love that you are working so hard for these boys!!

  7. Thanks for doing this-I love Jack! So glad Kody has been found. It is time to get Jack his forever family! My three year old and I are praying and praying! I am sorry I can't donate, but you have my prayers and grateful for what you are doing!