Friday, June 29, 2012

Forever Friday: Sergey and the Other Children of Orphanage 9

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Today is a Blog Blitz for the children of Orphanage 9. Last week there were 8 kids from Orphanage 9 listed on Reece's Rainbow. As I mentioned on Wednesday, Lucas' family found him. Seven children remain. Could one of them be your child?

This sweet little boy is Sergey. Sergey will turn 5 in October and, unfortunately, this little guy is not doing well. He suffers from many medical issues, including hydrocephalus, spastic tetraparesis, and a convulsive disorder. If Sergey is not adopted, he will be transferred to a mental institution where he will spend the rest of his (likely very short) life bedridden.

But Sergey is not just a collection of disorders and diagnoses! He is a little boy who has managed to cling to life for nearly five years. He is a little boy who can experience joy and sadness, comfort and pain, love and neglect. He is a little boy who deserves to feel the loving touch of his parents and to receive the proper medical care to let him live a life of happiness and contentment. He deserves the treatment and stimulation that will allow him to reach his full potential. Sergey is more than just a disabled child; he is an individual, a distinct personality, and a waiting son.

Sergey currently has $5028.00 in his adoption grant. You can help Sergey by donating to increase his grant fund, by sharing his information with your friends and acquaintances, and by considering whether Sergey has a place in your own family. Little Sergey deserves a better life than a mental institution!

There are six other children at Orphanage 9 who are listed on Reece's Rainbow. Please click on their names to read more about them.







Also, please visit my post about Edward, a seven year old who still waits for his family.

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