Friday, June 22, 2012

Forever Friday: ISO Matching Grant!

This is Jack.

So is this.

And so is this.

This is the boy who has stolen my heart. This is the boy who has kept me awake at night. This is the boy over whom I have cried on more occasions than I care to mention. This is the boy who has caused my husband and I to search our souls and finances, seeking any shred of ability to adopt him and bring him into our family. We simply can't see a way to make it happen. This is Jack, who is still a waiting child.

In the two months that I have known about Jack and been his Guardian Angel, two families have attempted to commit to him. One family encountered unexpected, severe health problems that disqualified them to adopt. The other family discovered the joyous news that they are pregnant; unfortunately, pregnancy also disqualifies them.

Jack is, as one person on the Reece's Rainbow group put it, a "popular" orphan. Lots of people know about him. Lots of people talk about him. Lots of people love him. But as of yet, his family remains unknown. I wholeheartedly believe that Jack has a family out there. As I have mentioned before, bringing families together through adoption requires two things: knowledge and money. First, a family has to know that their child is out there. Second, they have to have the financial ability to complete the adoption.

My blog, and the efforts of Reece's Rainbow, are an attempt to address both conditions: awareness and financial barriers. My hope is that through my advocacy, and that of many other people who "know" and love Jack, his family will find him. I also am hopeful that, through the work of Reece's Rainbow and my own fundraising, when Jack's family finds him, they will not be hindered from completing the adoption by finances. As you may know, I am currently running my June Fundraiser for Jack. Please feel free to stop by and lend a hand. I am also, however, seeking a matching grant for Jack's fund.

Here is how it would work: Any interested person or organization who desired to could pledge to commit a certain amount of money to match any donations made to Jack's grant fund. For example, someone could pledge $100 as a matching grant. Every dollar given by other donors (up to $100) is matched, turning that $100 into $200! Matching grants are one of the quickest ways to increase a child's grant fund.

So ... if you or anyone you know would be interested in providing a matching grant, please email me via the Contact Me button on the right sidebar of my blog. No amount is too small. Every penny helps. Jack is still a waiting child, and he needs your help to find his forever family as quickly as possibly! Jack desperately wants a family; he asks adopting families and visitors to the orphanage whether they know anyone who would want a boy like him and whether his mother is out there, looking for him. Please help make this young boy's dream come true!

Beautiful Boy!

Also, please take a moment to revisit my post about Tim. Tim is still waiting.

Tim is 12 years old.

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  1. Heartbreaking to hear this news! Hopefully you will post again soon with a forever family found. You are so close to reaching your fundraising goal! apryl