Friday, June 8, 2012

Forever Friday: Eugene S.

First I would like to remind everyone to check out my June Fundraiser for Jack. Donations are only $5, and every dollar helps Jack get to his family sooner! You can also share on your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter feed to be added to the give-away! A new prize has been added! We've gotten off to a rather slow start but we just received our second donation!

This is Eugene. Eugene turns 10 this year. As you can see from his pictures, he is quite a handsome boy. Although Eugene sometimes seems like a daydreamer, those who know him describe him as "full of life, active, and playful." He likes action-packed games (what little boy doesn't?) and he's not as interested in his studies as he is in playing and dreaming (what a surprise!).

Eugene is a sensitive child who longs for the love and care of a family. He longs for the special attention parents give their child. Occasionally Eugene behaves thoughtlessly to get attention (what child doesn't?), but then he feels badly for it. 

Eugene has a chronic medical issue, but it is one that is easily managed by medication. Despite his chronic issue, Eugene is a healthy child and, with a little extra attention to his health, he will live a normal life.

Eugene is not listed with Reece's Rainbow and therefore does not have an adoption grant; however, you can click his name to find information about how you can help Eugene and the children he lives with. Eugene needs your help to find his forever family! Please share Eugene's information with everyone you can, and please consider whether Eugene has a place in your family. Please help make Eugene's dreams of a family come true!

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