Saturday, May 5, 2012

Welcome to The Wonder of Boys!

My name is Daneille. I have three children, two of whom were adopted from Ethiopia. One of my children has HIV. One of my children is a boy. Boys wait. That is what I have always heard, from the very moment that I began thinking about adoption. Boys wait. I read somewhere once that 75% of adoptive parents adopt girls. Boys wait.

Boys shouldn't have to wait. Boys are wonderful. Boys are exuberant. Boys are delightful. Boys are loud. Boys are silly. Some boys are quiet and shy and calm (I would assume, although I don't have any of those ;) ). Boys giggle and smile and laugh and love. And boys need love.

I recently became, through Reece's Rainbow, the Guardian Angel of a boy named Jack. As I read on Reece's Rainbow, as I reflected on my experiences within the adoption community, as I reflected on my inability to adopt another child at this time, and as I reflected on my desire to advocate for children, I realized that I wanted to do something for boys, especially boys with HIV.

This blog is my beginning attempt to carry through with that advocacy. I intend to post pictures and information about boys who need sponsors, or need to be adopted, or need to be prayed for (in whichever faith one might accomplish that). I hope to post links to organizations that could benefit from your time, publicity, or donations. I plan to provide information about parenting kids with HIV. I'll also add some of my own musings along the way.

Overall, I hope to advocate for the wonder of boys!


  1. We are praying for Jack, too. We recently became FIGs with Project Hopeful for two others in Russia. And I am an adoptive mom of two boys, but I have three. Yay for boys :)