Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Wyatt

This adorable little fellow is Wyatt. He turns 8 this month and resides in an orphanage. Wyatt's profile states he is at "significant risk." Because of his age, he will likely be transferred to an older children's orphanage where, if he isn't adopted, he will be sent out to the streets to make his own way around age 16, most likely with no access to healthcare. Wyatt is described as smart and good at math. He likes poetry, drawing, and writing. He enjoys participating in children's activities, and, like children everywhere, he likes to receive encouragement. Wyatt is HIV+ and takes daily anti-retroviral medication.

Wyatt has approximately $500 in his adoption grant. Why is this lovely child still waiting? Because he is a boy, and because he has HIV, and because he's not a baby. Well, I adopted a child who is a boy, children who weren't babies, and a child with HIV. Don't let these things discourage you! Wyatt can live a full, healthy, normal life, doing all the things that little boys love to do: playing in the creek, riding his bike, reading Calvin and Hobbes, annoying his siblings ... hmmm, that sounds suspiciously like my own little boy!

Please help increase Wyatt's adoption grant! Please share his information with everyone you can! Please consider adopting him so that he can live a life of love and happiness, just like all children deserve.

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