Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Ross

Today you are meeting Ross. Ross will turn 9 years old in August! (My daughter's birthday is in August, as is my husband's and our anniversary. August is a good month!) Ross has a bit of funny expression on his face, but that's because he is eating some candy! There are more pictures of Ross available.

Ross has a seizure disorder and possibly some other mental issues, but his file is unclear about this. It is also possible that Ross has a lazy eye or other vision issue.

Ross is in a orphanage with older children who are facing transfer at the end of the summer. Once Ross is transferred, it will be extremely hard to adopt him. A family interested in Ross would have to be able to move quickly!

Ross needs a family! Nine year old boys need moms to love them and cuddle them and reassure them and give them the special attention that only a mom can. Ross needs a bicycle and a superhero bedspread and a swingset! Ross currently has less than $100 in his adoption grant, and he is running out of time. PLEASE help this beautiful boy before he is transferred and his chance for a family is lost! You can donate to increase his adoption fund, share his photo and information far and wide, and consider whether Ross has a place in your family. Also, Ross does not have a Guardian Angel ... he needs one!

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