Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Isaac

Today's waiting boy is here by special request of my son, who asked me, "Mom, why are none of those boys like me?" By this he meant, why are none of the boys African? I explained to my little guy that most African countries prohibit photolistings and that information about waiting children is accessed through adoption agencies by those who have met the requirements to view the waiting child list.

However, Isaac is waiting, and he is photolisted. Isaac is a gorgeous boy who is six years old. He is HIV+. He is currently taking anti-retroviral medications (ARVs) and is doing well! (I can say that within months of starting ARVs, my child's t-cell count went from less than 200 to 900, which is perfectly normal for a non-HIV+ person, and my child's viral load dropped from very high to undetectable, and both have stayed that way for years.) Isaac has siblings but they are not available for adoption. Isaac was living with "a kind woman" who recently had to give him up due to finances. He is now waiting in a group home.

Don't Isaac's big brown eyes just melt your heart? Can't you see him all dressed up in his Little League outfit, or jumping crazily off the diving board into the pool? Can you hear him whisper "I love you, Momma!" as you tuck him into bed? Isaac is in desperate need of a loving family to help him reach his full potential. He has a small adoption grant. You can help it grow, and you can help Isaac find his forever family, by sharing his information.

I have been the mother of an HIV+ child for many years. I am happy to share my experiences with anyone who is interested in adopting a child with HIV. You can also visit Project Hopeful to learn more about parenting a child with HIV.

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