Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Dmitry

Welcome to Waiting Wednesday! This handsome young man is Dmitry. Dmitry was born in 1999 and lives in an Eastern European orphanage. Dmitry was interviewed by a woman who visits orphanages and talks to the children on behalf of the charity Happy Child. These pictures are from that interview.

Dmitry knows that as he grows older, his chances of finding a family decrease. But he desperately wishes for a family to love him. 

Dmitry is described as charming and with a good sense of humor. He is a diligent students who reads a lot. His current interest is mythology. Dmitry is a daydreamer but also an athlete! He plays tennis, basketball, and football. He also swims, and he is able to train at the municipal sports center, an honor few children at the orphanage receive.

Dmitry also plays several instruments: the dombra, the guitar, and the drums. He is an accomplished musician, and his favorite band? Metallica!

Dmitry has so much potential! He needs a family to provide him with the opportunity to fulfill it.

Dmitry needs your help to find a family! Please share his information was widely as you can, and please consider whether Dmitry has a place in your family. It also may be possible to correspond with Dmitry or visit him. You can visit the Happy Child charity page for more information on ways you can help Dmitry and his friends.

Please remember Dmitry!


  1. Man, how can someone NOT want this kid???

  2. I believe that someone has inquired about him!! :D

  3. Wonderful! He and Sergey are absolute heart breakers.