Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Marcus

On this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for my son's resourcefulness! He wanted to watch the Harry Potter movies with his sister, but the rule in our family is no movie until you've read the book (and this is true of any movie/book combo). My son struggles with reading, so the idea of reading a 400-page book was daunting to him. He asked my husband to put the audiobook on his iPod, and he listened to the entire book (Goblet of Fire) in two days! He and his sister snuggled happily on the couch to watch the movie, and now he's moved on to book five!

I'm also thankful for Marcus. Marcus turns six this year and, unfortunately, will celebrate his birthday in an orphanage, without a family to make it his special day. That is, of course, unless he is adopted!

Marcus has Down syndrome. He lives with typically developing children, and he is described as a "leader in his group." Marcus goes to school and enjoys it. He is a positive child who gets along well with those around him and participates in activities such as plays. 

Marcus is a healthy child. He is communicative, friendly, warm, and compassionate. He enjoys playing with the other children and interacting with adults. He likes to dance to music. Marcus can feed and dress himself and follows verbal directions. He repeats one-syllable words. It is believed that Marcus would do very well in a family.

Marcus faces a bleak future if he is not adopted. It is likely that he will end up in an adult mental institution at some point, where his ability to reach his full potential will be severely hampered. Marcus needs a family to teach him to ride a bike, take him to the beach, and love him unconditionally!

At present, Marcus has only $5 in his adoption fund. Children with larger grants have a higher chance of being adopted. You can help Marcus by donating to increase his fund! You can help Marcus by sharing his information with others! You can help Marcus by considering whether he has a place in your family.

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