Friday, May 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Igor/Forever Friday: Andrew

All right, folks. I know it's no longer Thursday, but I had a crazy busy day yesterday and missed my Thankful Thursday post, so today you are treated to not one but two adorable boys who need your help!

First I'll begin with what I am thankful for this Thursday: my sweet son, who held his sister's hand while she got the TB test she needs for her camp application. While tears welled up in her eyes, he told her not to worry, that it didn't hurt that bad. Awwww ....

Please, if you have any stories to share of life with your boys, let me know! You can leave a comment or click the Email Me link in the right sidebar.

Ok, on to Thursday's adorable child.

This is Igor. Igor will be eight in November and, unfortunately, has already been transferred to an adult mental institution. If you don't know what that means for him, please read this post

Why was Igor deemed unadoptable and consigned to a bedridden life? Because he has arthrogryposis. Arthrogryposis is a non-progressive congenital disorder that causes joint contractures and muscle weakness/fibrosis. It can be treated with occupational therapy.

Igor has an hefty $5,125 in his adoption fund! Igor needs your help to get out of the mental institution and into a loving family! He will spend the rest of his life bedridden if he is not adopted. This little guy does not deserve that!

Igor can be adopted by married couples and also is available to older parents and larger families.

Please help Igor by donating to increase his adoption fund, spreading the word about his situation, and considering whether Igor has a place in your family. Igor deserves better than what is in store for him!

And now, Forever Friday.

This is Andrew. Andrew turns five this month and is confined to a crib or playpen. Why? Because he is blind. He is blind, and there are not enough workers in an orphanage to keep an eye on a blind child who is allowed to roam. It's easier to confine him.

This is what life is like for Andrew.

According to a volunteer at the orphanage, Andrew is a smart little boy who needs a forever family to rescue him. Due to his living circumstances, it is likely that Andrew has some delays and institutionalized behavior. You can see in his video that he is trying to self-stimulate by rubbing his hand on his head. I have seen other pictures of Andrew, and he is sucking his thumb or pressing his face against the bars of his crib. This boy is clearly frustrated with the lack of stimulation he receives. Andrew needs your help! Here is a giveaway currently in progress to raise money for Andrew's grant fund.

Andrew is available for adoption to larger families and older parents as well as younger parents with few or no children.

Andrew currently has almost $1,000 in his adoption fund. Please help Andrew! Please donate to his adoption grant. Please spread his information far and wide so that his family finds him! Please consider whether you can make room in your own family for this precious child.

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