Sunday, May 13, 2012

Motherless Day

As my husband and lovely children prepare to present me with my yearly (surprise) Mother's Day gift of flowers for my garden and a tiramisu, my thoughts are with the children of the world who are experiencing (yet another) Motherless Day.

It's just another day for them.

There's nothing special about this day.

It's just one of their 365 annual Motherless Days.

Below you will find 36 boys who deserve to spend next Mother's Day with the mother who found them, loved them, and brought them home. (Or the father. Or the two moms. Or the two dads. I don't discriminate.) Why 36? Because if you add together my children's ages, they equal 36. All of these children can be found on the Reece's Rainbow website. And all need a family.

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  1. So many adorable boys! I can never understand why the boys are overlooked. Having both a daughter and a son I would take another boy in a heartbeat.