Friday, May 18, 2012

Forever Friday: Edward

Today I'd like to introduce you to Edward. Edward is 7 years old and small for his age. He has already been transferred from the baby house to an older children's orphanage. Edward has mild developmental delays, but the fairly long description of him on his Reece's Rainbow page lists the many skills he has acquired. Edward attends a regular kindergarten with minimal support. He receives instruction in life skills, and he has made significant progress since he began school. Edward enjoys games that involve cooking and house cleaning and he relishes attention from adults. (What child doesn't?)

Although Edward is receiving special instruction, there is no substitute for life in a family. Both of my children joined us undersized and undernourished. Both needed special help learning how to live in a family. Both were lacking in basic skills because they simply didn't have parents who loved them and interacted with them every day in the way that only parents can. My kids are testaments to the fact that even kids with a rough start in life can thrive in a family setting. One of my kids has an IEP but is getting ready to graduate from a college-preparatory high school and has already completed two classes at the local community college. These kids can accomplish amazing things ... they just need a family to give them the opportunity!

This gorgeous boy needs your help! Apparently Reece's Rainbow's partner agency will only have his file available for a short time before it is returned to the authorities where he lives. Edward needs people to advocate for him to find a family! He needs to have his sweet face and information publicized. Edward is available for adoption to single mothers, older parents, and large families. Please help Edward ... a little boy who can make a BIG difference in a family's life!

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